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  1. >> We see from this lesson that there are a variety of different treatment options
  2. for psychological disorders.
  3. >> Psychologists from a biological perspective may use drugs or psychosurgeries as
  4. a treatment option.
  5. >> Whereas, some psychologists may favor psychotherapies, such as behavioral
  6. therapy, cognitive therapy, or even humanistic therapy for treatment.
  7. >> And given that so many of these treatments are effective and have evidence to
  8. support them. Many psychologists favor combining them. So for instance, we can
  9. combine cognitive behavioral therapy, with drug therapy to treat a lot of
  10. different kinds of disorders.
  11. >> And we also see that mind and space meditation is rising in popularity for a
  12. treatment option of disorders such as depression, anxiety, and even
  13. schizophrenia. In addition, if you remember our lesson on consciousness, you'll
  14. recall that there are other positive benefits to mindfulness meditation
  15. including decreased overall stress levels as well as improved mood. So it'll be
  16. interesting to see in the years to come what further research tells us about
  17. mindfulness based meditation.
  18. >> And finally, we see that by using a variety of these techniques, a person with
  19. a mental disorder can live a completely full, happy, productive and very
  20. enjoyable life, which is great news for all of us.