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  1. Welcome to lesson four. Lesson four is all about authentication. This is
  2. one of my favorite lessons, actually. We're going to build a complete log
  3. in system, or learn how to build a complete log in system
  4. rather. And then you're going to build a complete log in system for
  5. your blog. So users can actually log in and register on the
  6. blog that you've been working on so far. We're going to learn about
  7. cookies, which is a little bit of information your browser stores to
  8. know what user is logged into your blog. We're going to talk about passwords,
  9. an hashing passwords, an how to store those securely in your database. An
  10. we'll also just talk about hashing in
  11. general, because it's a really handy little
  12. tool that'll come up, many times throughout
  13. your, programming career. It sounds simple but
  14. it's actually quite complex. It'll be a lot a fun. So, let's get started.