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  1. Interview with Manuela Ronco

  2. What is the World Esperanto Youth Organization (TEJO) and its main focus?
  3. TEJO focuses primarily on informing in youth contexts
  4. about Esperanto as a possible solution to the language problem in international relations and
  5. organizes congresses, conferences, seminars and other meetings
  6. and we also provide many services for our members and country sections
  7. for example, publications or different brochures and press releases
  8. which create a network for exchanging information and cooperation and
  9. generally TEJO works to help their members actively participate in the Esperanto movement.
  10. What is the typical everyday life of the TEJO volunteer?
  11. What do you do here?
  12. I have many tasks.
  13. My everyday work consists of dealing with TEJO's email and postal mail and different administative tasks
  14. and I take care of contacts with members, country sections and also with other European and non-European organizations.
  15. Other tasks could be to cooperate with the board to make grant requests,
  16. update the website and represent TEJO at meetings,
  17. so I generally actively support the board and commissioners of TEJO.
  18. So actually, you spoke about the members, so why is it good to be a member of TEJO?
  19. Membership in TEJO is good, because first you receive services from TEJO and also advantages
  20. for example, you receive our magazines. You can also have a blog on TEJO's website and
  21. get a discount on the International Youth Congress of Esperanto.
  22. You also have a chance to participate in seminars.
  23. Through your membership, you help the youth Esperanto movement and if you want
  24. you can get involved in interesting and international projects, so that can also be a good experience for you.
  25. So, you spoke about magazines. Which magazines?
  26. The magazines are Kontakto and TEJO-Tutmonde, which will merge at the beginning of next year (2011).
  27. What is the difference between them?
  28. Kontakto is a magazine in Esperanto, but not about Esperanto.
  29. TEJO-Tutmonde is about the Esperanto movement.
  30. What is the International Youth Congress of Esperanto and where will it take place next year?
  31. The Internatlonal Youth Congress of Esperanto is the main gathering of TEJO
  32. and possibly the most important event for Esperanto youth.
  33. It happens every year in another country. This year in Cuba, next year in Kiev, Ukraine.
  34. It is organized by TEJO and its country section and by local activists.
  35. What advice would you give someone, who is attending IJK for the first time?
  36. I can't answer that, because I've never been to IJK,
  37. but generally I would recommend to someone who attends a youth meeting for the first time,
  38. profit to practice the language as much as possible and to meet as many people as possible
  39. and not only those who are most similar to you, but also those who are most different
  40. and to beginners, I would say, that they shouldn't be afraid of not understanding
  41. because after a bit of time, that's no longer a problem.
  42. Thank you for the very interesting information!
  43. You're welcome.