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  1. Next piece is you want to think about is what in the key resources?
  2. What do you need to make the business model work? What assets are important?
  3. And what's an example of an asset in a key resource, well finance.
  4. Do you need capital? Do you need a line of credit?
  5. Some assets are in resources or physical. Do you need physical plant like a manufacturing line?
  6. Do you need specialized machines? Do you need vans for delivery? Do you need cars?
  7. Is there's something else you need? Is there intellectual property you need?
  8. Is there patents you need to acquire or protect? Do you need to acquire customer list?
  9. Or is it just that you need to get great people, great shop or programmers in the specific area
  10. or great hardware designers or great manufacturing people.
  11. And then finally again at the interaction between intellectual and human capital is that's
  12. another key resource. What specifically do you need to do to keep this people and who are they.