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  1. (Question from the audience)
  2. If you have a youth group
  3. with a lot of single people;
  4. they're not married or anything.
  5. Let's say one of the girls visits one of the boys
  6. and she sees that he's a professing Christian,
  7. but she accidentally sees that
  8. he has porn on his computer,
  9. for example.
  10. Would it be wrong for her to confront him
  11. and say I've seen this sin in your life;
  12. that's wrong - repent from it?
  13. (Charles speaking) Well, it would not be wrong
  14. for her to confront him with his sin.
  15. Usually, if you're dealing about something like that,
  16. that's getting into an area
  17. where it's more appropriate for a brother
  18. to take care of that.
  19. A girl that really wants to minister to a guy,
  20. one of the best things she can do is
  21. say you know this guy over here is a real Christian,
  22. you ought to go and talk to him.
  23. That's one of the best things she can do.
  24. (from the audience) Is it the other way around for a guy?
  25. (Charles) Absolutely.
  26. He ought to direct that girl to Christian girls.
  27. One of the worst things a girl can do
  28. is say to a non-Christian guy is,
  29. "I'm a Christian and I can't really have time with
  30. you unless you're a Christian."
  31. What she's doing is setting him up
  32. to make a false profession.
  33. To try to use God to get something that he wants,
  34. which is her.
  35. And that keeps him from true faith
  36. and true repentance.
  37. Most of the things that take place between
  38. girls and guys where they're supposedly
  39. witnessing or ministering -
  40. most of it is worthless.
  41. It's worse than nothing.