A Picture Truly is Worth a Thousand Words

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a big show today. First, the big announcement. You already know my Wednesday co-host Ken Herron. What you don’t know is that Ken is not only Mr. Cool Hunter, but the VP of Marketing for Travel Holidays consumer travel brands, including their premium discount website LMTClub. And for the listeners of the LinkedIn Lady Show, he was able to negotiate a 50% discount for a one-year membership. Go to http://lmtclub.com and use the discount code “LILSHOW”

So be sure to congratulate Ken on twitter (@kenherron) and watch for today’s tweets. We will be discussing big news from twitter including critical update alerts during times of crisis and new follow updates. Then we move on to YouTube. If you are annoyed or have been impacted by anonymous comments, then fret no more. They are gone. YouTube is cleaning up the comment section and integrating more closely with Google+. The video comments also bit the dust, but legitimate comments are alive and well. Even bigger news from YouTube is that they are introducing a FREE library of background music options, which you will be able to use anywhere (not just your YouTube videos!).

Remember us talking about memes? If not, we’ll give a refresher with specific sites you can go to for creating your own. And finally, we know clip art is passé and photos are better in presentations – but did you know that even photos come with pitfalls.