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    Paris Lee: Hello Emma!
  2. Not Synced
    Thank you for joining me, for British Vogue,
  3. Not Synced
    having a little girl chat.
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    Emma Waston:Thanks for doing this with me.
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    PL: We have met, on a sort of, activist circuit,
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    but this is a little bit more glamourous.
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    I want to start off with the question that
    I think we are all wondering,
  8. Not Synced
    which is ,
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    Why aren't you following me on Instagram?
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  11. Not Synced
    I really knew you were gonna say that.
  12. Not Synced
    I felt nervous for a second,
  13. Not Synced
    but now I am very nervous.
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    That is actually very crazy.