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← Grumbling is Contagious and the Remedy For It - Kevin Williams

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  1. Ok, if you open with me in your Bibles
  2. to Exodus 16.
  3. I'm not going to read it beforehand.
  4. We're just going to make comments
  5. as we go,
  6. and bring out points there as we go.
  7. The title of this sermons is,
  8. "Grumbling is Contagious
  9. and the Remedy For It."
  10. We've been going through Exodus
  11. back home in Manchester.
  12. And every sermon's about
  13. grumbling and murmuring now
  14. because once they leave Egypt,
  15. that's all they ever do
  16. on the way to the Promised Land.
  17. So, let's pray.
  18. Our Father,
  19. we ask that You should show us
  20. wonderous things from Your law,
  21. from Your Word this morning.
  22. That this text would be real to us
  23. and helpful to us to live
  24. for Your glory.
  25. Search our hearts.
  26. Help us, we ask.
  27. In Jesus' name,
  28. Amen.
  29. Ok, so, in v. 1 then of Exodus 16,
  30. we read, "They..." that is the Israelites,
  31. of course, "...set out from Elim,
  32. and all the congregation of the people
  33. of Israel came to the wilderness of Sin,
  34. which is between Elim and Sinai..."
  35. And this wilderness of Sin
  36. where they are now,
  37. it has nothing to do
  38. with the English word "sin,"
  39. although as we'll see in a moment,
  40. they do a lot of sinning
  41. while they're here.
  42. But it's simply called this
  43. because they're in the Sinai region.
  44. "On the fifteenth day of the second month
  45. after they had departed
  46. from the land of Egypt..."
  47. We're simply being told this
  48. because they left on the 15th day
  49. of the first month,
  50. so what we're being told in that detail
  51. is this happens now exactly one month
  52. since they left Egypt
  53. since they were delivered from the slavery
  54. and bondage there
  55. going through the Red Sea, of course.
  56. And v. 2 continues,
  57. "...the whole congregation
    of the people of Israel
  58. grumbled against Moses and Aaron
  59. in the wilderness."
  60. And so the wording here
  61. with the whole congregation grumbling
  62. against Moses and Aaron,
  63. it's highlighting a contrast
  64. between in the previous chapter,
  65. we saw it said the people grumbled
  66. against the leadership of Moses and Aaron.
  67. That time, an angry mob of people
  68. in the congregation -
  69. in the midst, were grumbling
  70. when they went through the trial there
  71. of not having any water
  72. that the murmuring that was at Marah.
  73. Whereas this time,
  74. now it's the whole congregation -
  75. or at least the majority of them
  76. are now grumbling, murmuring
  77. against Moses and Aaron.
  78. So now what we have is
  79. a full-blown rebellion.
  80. And so, the first application -
  81. the first point I want you to take note of
  82. here and learn from in this passage
  83. is that grumbling and murmuring
  84. is contagious.
  85. Grumbling and murmuring
  86. is like a disease
  87. that if you're around it long enough,
  88. then you're going to catch it.
  89. You know, people think of this murmuring
  90. and grumbling and being divisive there
  91. as just being a little thing,
  92. but in Proverbs 6 it's
  93. one of the six things the Lord hates;
  94. the seven that are an abomination to Him -
  95. he who sows discord among the brethren.
  96. You see, when you murmur and grumble
  97. in a bad way like these are doing here,
  98. what happens is you sow discord -
  99. you plant a seed in others.
  100. And so when you're around
  101. whiners and murmurers long enough
  102. they will plant the seed in us.
  103. And another point worth noting here
  104. is that the last time they were grumbling
  105. when it was just less of them,
  106. they faced a much bigger trial
  107. of having no water.
  108. And it was just a large mob
  109. of murmurers among the congregation
  110. in this faithless state of rebellion.
  111. And last time,
  112. the rebellious grumblers -
  113. they were shown to be wrong
  114. in what happened there
  115. in the events of Marah.
  116. But when the next trial comes along,
  117. even though as we'll see in a moment,
  118. this is nothing compared to
  119. the previous trial they've had.
  120. You see, the seed of discord
  121. has already been planted in them.
  122. And so now the whole congregation
  123. are murmuring against Moses and Aaron.
  124. Yet, the people here, no doubt,
  125. being led by a few chief grumblers
  126. amongst them, stirring things up,
  127. in there,
  128. starting to complain.
  129. Moses and Aaron -
  130. and this is what you get;
  131. you get a theme of this
  132. as they're on the way
    to the Promised Land.
  133. Moses and Aaron,
  134. if you were really leading us
  135. in the correct way,
  136. before the Lord,
  137. then we wouldn't be facing another trial.
  138. I mean, this is just too many times now,
  139. Moses and Aaron.
  140. They're saying, look, Moses,
  141. I'm the expert on how to do things
  142. around here.
  143. And if you don't change the way
  144. you're doing things to what I say,
  145. then we're going to face another trial.
  146. We've had no water.
  147. And then, we've had the lack of food
  148. and the different trials.
  149. There's one trial after another.
  150. But the thing is,
  151. Moses and Aaron are taking them the way
  152. that God has told them.
  153. And trials are guaranteed
  154. on the Christian's journey
  155. through the wilderness of this life.
  156. You see, the grumbling will only continue
  157. unless these people's hearts are changed
  158. and they learn from this,
  159. which is what I want us to do today.
  160. You know, recently, it wasn't too long ago
  161. was it?
  162. They had the Zika virus in Brazil.
  163. And history is filled, isn't it,
  164. with highly contagious diseases
  165. like the bubonic plague,
  166. the Black Death there.
  167. Well, you see, when you
    put your arms around
  168. and you give air to constant grumbling
  169. and the hypercritical spirit -
  170. always hypercritical of everything -
  171. you know the person who's always
  172. tearing everything down,
  173. it's like putting your arm around someone
  174. with the bubonic plague.
  175. Or putting your arm around someone
  176. with the Zika virus there
  177. and saying let's go for a walk together
  178. among these mosquitos.
  179. So, number one, the point here
  180. in this enlarging
  181. is grumbling -
  182. this hypercritical spirit is contagious.
  183. You know, in these days we live in,
  184. there's all these Internet ministries -
  185. not a good one like you have here,
  186. but there are these really bad ones
  187. out there aren't they,
  188. with these hypercritical teachers?
  189. It's normally some guy
  190. and he's sat in his bedroom there,
  191. giving Bible studies.
  192. They don't have a church
  193. because they've kind of already upset
  194. every single person in the world.
  195. And it's so-called discernment ministries.
  196. But what is the fruit of these things?
  197. The fruit of their disciples
    who watch them
  198. is they also become professional grumblers
  199. and professionals with
    a hypercritical spirit also.
  200. So number one, the first warning
  201. about grumbling here is it's
  202. a highly contagious disease.
  203. So beware.
  204. It may go down like a tasty trifle
  205. as the Proverbs says,
  206. but don't trifle with it.
  207. Number two though,
  208. this really comes out in this text.
  209. Grumbling and a murmuring spirit
  210. distorts the past.
  211. We can see this in v. 3 here, can't we?
  212. "And the people of Israel said to them,
  213. (to Moses and Aaron)
  214. 'Would that we had died
  215. by the hand of the Lord
  216. in the land of Egypt
  217. when we sat by the meat pots
  218. and ate bread to the full.'"
  219. Notice here, it's been one month.
  220. One month. That's all,
  221. since they left Egypt.
  222. And in their grumbling spirit,
  223. they've already forgotten
  224. about their heavy labor there
  225. where they had to make the bricks
  226. and they even had to gather
  227. their own straw
  228. to make the bricks with.
  229. They've forgotten about the whips
  230. upon their backs
  231. and the chains in Egypt.
  232. Just after a month.
  233. And now they're saying here,
  234. "... in the land of Egypt
  235. when we sat by the meat pots
  236. and ate bread to the full."
  237. You see, in their distorted reality
  238. they now hold of the past -
  239. which grumbling paints -
  240. they now have this false picture
  241. in their mind of when they're in Egypt.
  242. You know, as if they were sat down
  243. in comfort each day.
  244. Like, darling, would you pass me
  245. another burger from the barby, please?
  246. Would you like some chicken with that?
  247. And they say here,
  248. "would that we had died
  249. by the hand of the Lord
  250. in the land of Egypt."
  251. In other words,
  252. we could have continued
  253. a happy and a comfortable life
  254. until we died of old age,
  255. of natural causes there.
  256. But what really happened?
  257. You see how distorted the picture
  258. of the past that grumbling paints.
  259. I mean, what really happened
  260. when they were back in Egypt?
  261. We get told earlier
  262. that what happened was the people groaned.
  263. They groaned because of
    their slavery there,
  264. and they cried out for help.
  265. And their cry for rescue
  266. came up to the Lord.
  267. So, as well as being contagious,
  268. the second danger of
  269. a grumbling, hypercritical spirit here
  270. we learn in this passage is
  271. grumbling and murmuring distorts
  272. the past.
  273. It has to to carry on.
  274. Kevin DeYoung said on this -
  275. I think this is a good quote -
  276. he said,
  277. "We tend to remember a golden age
  278. that didn't really exist.
  279. The good old days weren't always so good.
  280. Listen, if you tend to complain
  281. about everything now,
  282. chances are that you complained
  283. about everything back then
  284. whenever it was."
  285. You see, for grumbling and murmuring
  286. to continue, it relies upon
  287. a distortion of past reality.
  288. But number three,
  289. another thing we learn about this
  290. from this passage is
  291. grumbling and murmuring exaggerates
  292. the present and the future woes.
  293. We see this in the next part of v. 3
  294. here when they accuse Moses and Aaron.
  295. "For you have brought us out
  296. into the wilderness to kill
  297. this whole assembly with hunger."
  298. Ahhh, they say.
  299. You've brought us all to kill us now.
  300. We're all going to die.
  301. Brethren, you know, aside from the fact
  302. they have just seen
  303. the Lord's provision in providing them
  304. the water.
  305. In fact, aside from the fact
  306. that they've just seen
  307. the Lord's faithfulness many, many times.
  308. And so they have no reason to panic
  309. in this here.
  310. But, I want you to consider
  311. how exaggerated this trial is here.
  312. Because when they left Egypt,
  313. did they not leave with
    all their livestock?
  314. Their flocks and their animals there.
  315. Could they not get some milk and cheese
  316. from their cows?
  317. If they're that desperate for meat,
  318. could they not slaughter an animal
  319. and roast it?
  320. You see, the point is that grumblers
  321. exaggerate their misery.
  322. And it's very easy to see, isn't it?
  323. I mean, you just think,
  324. in our own lives,
  325. when we've fallen into this sinful state
  326. of grumbling or murmuring,
  327. when you think back now,
  328. was it as bad as you made out back then?
  329. Was all the panic really worth it?
  330. And the fourth thing we can learn
  331. about this though -
  332. this state of murmuring from this passage,
  333. is that it's really murmuring against God.
  334. We see this in v. 7 when Moses
  335. replies to them after God spoke to him:
  336. "And in the morning, you shall see
  337. the glory of the Lord
  338. because He has heard your grumbling
  339. against the Lord."
  340. You see, these people,
  341. they were kidding themselves
  342. that their constant grumbling
  343. and their whining was
    against Moses and Aaron
  344. and their leadership there.
  345. But ultimately,
  346. their murmuring was against God.
  347. It is God Who was the One
  348. they had the problem with.
  349. As Moses continues to say there in v. 7,
  350. "...for what are we that you grumble
  351. against us?"
  352. For what are we that you grumble
  353. against us? Moses says.
  354. In other words, Moses tells
  355. these people here,
  356. don't shoot the messenger.
  357. I'm only telling you what
  358. the Word of the Lord has said -
  359. what the Bible says.
  360. If you've got a problem with this,
  361. then your problem's not with me,
  362. it's with God.
  363. And then in v. 8,
  364. Moses said, "the Lord gives you
  365. in the evening meat to eat
  366. and in the morning, bread to the full
  367. because the Lord has heard
  368. your grumbling that
    you grumble against Him.
  369. What are we?
  370. Your grumbling is not against us,
  371. but against the Lord."
  372. You see in grumbling against Moses,
  373. their pastor here -
  374. when he's only trying to do right
  375. before the Lord.
  376. They're grumbling against the Lord.
  377. He's just the messenger leading
  378. as the Lord has told him to do.
  379. You see,
  380. when these people are murmuring here,
  381. and saying Moses and Aaron -
  382. they don't really care about us
  383. or the leadership is harsh,
  384. or whatever they're saying -
  385. many different things you can put in here.
  386. But what they really believe
  387. is God is harsh.
  388. Or God is guilty of whatever.
  389. And He's the One Who doesn't care,
  390. because it's His Word Moses and Aaron
  391. are following here, you see.
  392. So, those are the dangers then
  393. of a grumbling spirit in this passage.
  394. It's contagious.
  395. It distorts the past.
  396. It exaggerates the future woes.
  397. And it has to depend on those things.
  398. But now for the remedy,
  399. also in this passage.
  400. If you want to sum it up though,
  401. it's basically this.
  402. This is the remedy for grumbling
  403. and murmuring.
  404. Repent and trust the Lord.
  405. You know, when you go to see a doctor,
  406. he or she will normally
  407. write out for you a prescription
  408. that tells you what you need to do
  409. in order to get better.
  410. You need to take this "x" number of times
  411. a day and so forth.
  412. Refrain from doing this.
  413. You see, this is God's prescription
  414. for the disease of a murmuring
  415. or hypercritical spirit here.
  416. Repent and trust the Lord.
  417. From v. 4, it says,
  418. "Then the Lord said to Moses,
  419. 'Behold, I am about to rain
  420. bread from heaven for you,
  421. and the people shall go out
  422. and gather a day's portion every day
  423. that I may test them
  424. whether they walk in My law or not.
  425. On the sixth day,
  426. when they prepare what they bring in,
  427. it will be twice as much
    as they gather daily.'
  428. So Moses and Aaron said
  429. to all the people of Israel,
  430. 'At evening, you shall know
  431. that it was the Lord Who brought you out
  432. of the land of Egypt.'"
  433. I want you to notice that phrase there
  434. in God providing the provision for them.
  435. He says so that you shall know
  436. Who He is.
  437. You shall know Who is the Lord.
  438. You see, that's the remedy.
  439. We know Who the Lord is.
  440. You see, when someone falls into
  441. a state of murmuring
    and grumbling like this,
  442. they've either forgotten
  443. or they never knew in the first place
  444. Who God is.
  445. And then in v. 9-12, we read,
  446. "Moses said to Aaron,
  447. 'say to the whole congregation,
  448. the people of Israel,
  449. 'Come near before the Lord,
  450. for He has heard your grumbling,'
  451. and as soon as Aaron spoke
  452. to the whole congregation
  453. of the people of Israel,
  454. they looked toward the wilderness
  455. and behold, the glory of the Lord appeared
  456. in the cloud,
  457. and the Lord said to Moses,
  458. 'I have heard the grumbling of the people
  459. of Israel. Say to them
  460. at twilight, you shall eat meat.
  461. And in the morning, you shall
  462. be filled with bread.
  463. Then you shall know that
    I am the Lord your God.'"
  464. You see, God provides their need here
  465. in order that you shall know Who God is.
  466. You shall know what God is like.
  467. And so, the first thing God gives them
  468. in this passage is a remedy, if you like.
  469. In the remedy, to trust Him,
  470. the Lord teaches them about His character.
  471. In order that they my trust the Lord,
  472. He teaches them about His character here -
  473. what He's like.
  474. And the first thing He teaches them
  475. in providing is His patience,
  476. isn't it, brethren?
  477. I mean, notice the expected response
  478. from the Lord here to their grumbling.
  479. After all, you see them one time
  480. after another just shove
  481. His mercy in the Lord's face, so to speak,
  482. and despise it and carry on grumbling
  483. one time after another.
  484. The kind of natural response you'd expect
  485. is the Lord to rain down fire from heaven
  486. upon these people.
  487. Saying look, I've had
    enough of you this time.
  488. But here we see, the first thing
  489. God teaches them is His patience.
  490. That He is long suffering towards them.
  491. That He is slow to anger.
  492. When you realize these
    things about the Lord,
  493. it's going to help you
    to trust Him, isn't it?
  494. But the second thing
  495. that God teaches them here about Himself
  496. in a remedy, if you like, to grumbling
  497. so they can learn to trust Him
  498. is that He cares for them
  499. and He provides for their needs.
  500. You see, the grumbling
    and murmuring spirit
  501. thinks God doesn't care enough for them
  502. and won't provide.
  503. So they think they have to be anxious
  504. about the future,
  505. exaggerating present woes
  506. of what might be.
  507. From v. 13, look at
  508. the Lord's care and provision here.
  509. It says, "In the evening,
  510. quail came upon and covered the camp.
  511. And in the morning, dew
    lay around the camp."
  512. The Lord provided them meat to eat
  513. there in the quail.
  514. V. 14, "And when the dew had gone up,
  515. there was on the face of the wilderness
  516. a fine flake-like thing,
  517. fine as frost on the ground.
  518. When the people of Israel saw it,
  519. they said to one another,
  520. 'what is it?'
  521. They did not know what it was.
  522. And Moses said to them,
  523. 'It is the bread that the Lord
  524. has given you to eat.'"
  525. So the Lord - He gives them this manna,
  526. this bread
  527. which miraculously appears on the ground.
  528. In the original, it's a
    play on words here.
  529. They named this bread that God
  530. miraculously provided: manna.
  531. The word manna means "what is it?"
  532. And so they named this bread "manna"
  533. because when they first saw it
  534. on the ground,
  535. they said, "what is it?"
  536. And so they called it, "what is it?"
  537. You can imagine their conversations
  538. in the houses, the tents, can't you?
  539. You know, mom, what are
    we having for tea tonight?
  540. Well, you don't say tea,
  541. is it supper down here? Or dinner?
  542. What are we having?
  543. We're having "what is it?"
  544. No, what is it?
  545. Yeah, that's what I'm asking you.
  546. What is it?
  547. But look here, look at
  548. the Lord's provision and care.
  549. From v. 16, it continues,
  550. Then as the Lord commanded them,
  551. "Gather of it each one of you
  552. as much as he can eat.
  553. You shall take an omer..."
  554. There's a bit of debate about the size,
  555. but I believe it's about two liters.
  556. "...according to the number of persons
  557. that each of you have in his tent."
  558. So, they're all living in tents
  559. as I said.
  560. When I preached on this at home,
  561. we have a church camping holiday,
  562. and there was a lot of protest.
  563. We don't want a camping holiday.
  564. We don't like camping.
  565. So I said, look, if you
    don't like camping,
  566. you're not biblical.
  567. But v. 17 though,
  568. "And the people of Israel did so.
  569. They gathered, some more, some less.
  570. But when they measured it
  571. with an omer,
  572. whoever gathered much
    had nothing left over,
  573. and whoever gathered little had no lack.
  574. Each of them gathered as
    much as he could eat.
  575. And Moses said to them,
  576. 'let no one leave any
    over until the morning,'
  577. but they did not listen to Moses.
  578. Some left part of it till the morning,
  579. and it bred worms and stank,
  580. and Moses was angry with them.
  581. Morning by morning they gathered it,
  582. each as much as he could eat,
  583. but when the sun grew hot, it melted."
  584. So they had to gather this manna early
  585. before the sunrise or it stank.
  586. And God is teaching there -
  587. as Calvin said -
  588. number one, a work ethic.
  589. If they'd been left all day
  590. to gather it, they could have been
  591. casual about it.
  592. But also, I think much more than that,
  593. in that it stank there
  594. for those who did not listen
  595. to the command of God.
  596. The teaching there is if you're gathering
  597. the manna of God's Word,
  598. but not doing it,
  599. then you stink.
  600. If we're hearing or reading
  601. the Word of God,
  602. but not doing it,
  603. or learning it and not doing it,
  604. then that's the testimony, isn't it,
  605. it leaves before others.
  606. It stinks.
  607. But above all that,
  608. the Lord is teaching us here
  609. that we can depend on Him
  610. day by day.
  611. This is the teaching here.
  612. You see, this text here,
  613. I think it's what our Lord
  614. likely had in mind
  615. when He said in the Sermon on the Mount;
  616. when He taught us to pray there:
  617. Give us this day our daily bread.
  618. Not tomorrow's mercies in advance.
  619. But you see, we can
    trust the Lord each day
  620. is the teaching.
  621. As He said there,
  622. but if God so clothes the
    grass of the field,
  623. which today is alive
  624. and tomorrow is thrown into the oven,
  625. will He not much more clothe you,
  626. O ye of little faith?
  627. Therefore do not be anxious,
  628. saying what shall we eat
  629. or what shall we drink
  630. or what shall we wear?
  631. For the Gentiles (the unconverted)
  632. seek after these things,
  633. and your heavenly Father knows
  634. you have need of them all.
  635. But seek first the Kingdom of God
  636. and His righteousness,
  637. and all these things will be added to you.
  638. Therefore, do not be
    anxious about tomorrow.
  639. For tomorrow will be anxious for itself.
  640. Sufficient for today is its own trouble.
  641. You see, grumbling tends to exaggerate
  642. the woes and the trials of the future
  643. as does anxiety.
  644. But we are being taught in this
  645. that we can trust the Lord day by day.
  646. Not being told a month in advance
  647. or a year in advance.
  648. You see, worry and anxiety,
  649. it's basically living out the future
  650. before it comes.
  651. (Incomplete thought)
  652. The devil can really use this
  653. and get you to exaggerate the woes.
  654. The result of it is it causes people
  655. to distrust the Lord in the present
  656. and do things wrong there.
  657. But we're taught here about how
  658. we can trust the Lord day by day.
  659. And then from v. 22 to the end
  660. of the chapter.
  661. We get this about the Sabbath here.
  662. "On the sixth day, they gathered
  663. twice as much bread,
  664. two omers each.
  665. And when all the leaders
    of the congregation
  666. came and told Moses,
  667. he said to them,
  668. 'this is what the Lord has commanded.
  669. Tomorrow is a day of solemn rest;
  670. a holy Sabbath to the Lord.
  671. Bake what you will bake
  672. and boil what you will boil,
  673. All that is left over and lay aside
  674. to be kept till the morning.'
  675. So they laid it aside till the morning
  676. as Moses had commanded them,
  677. and it did not stink
  678. and there were no worms in it."
  679. Now, that's a test of faith
  680. and obedience, isn't it?
  681. Because in the previous days,
  682. if they left some over,
  683. it stunk.
  684. That's what they'd see.
  685. But then, they were rather
  686. asked to gather two days worth
  687. before the Sabbath.
  688. And it did not stink.
  689. V. 25, "Moses said, 'eat it today,
  690. for today is a Sabbath to the Lord.
  691. Today you will not find it in the field.
  692. Six days you shall gather it,
  693. but on the seventh day,
  694. which is a Sabbath,
  695. there will be none.'"
  696. I want you to think here
  697. about the link -
  698. what is the link
  699. in the midst of a passage
  700. about grumbling -
  701. and he gives us much in the way
  702. God deals with them
  703. or a remedy for grumbling.
  704. Why does he suddenly start talking
  705. about the Sabbath day?
  706. What is the link here?
  707. I think the Lord is
    teaching us here, brethren,
  708. you can trust the Lord enough to rest.
  709. You know, the world won't stop revolving
  710. if you stop worrying for just one second,
  711. believe it or not.
  712. You know, it's easy for parents, isn't it,
  713. that when you go through a trial
  714. and you spend scheduled time
  715. with your children
  716. or some other family member
  717. you're supposed to be spending time with,
  718. you can be spending time with them -
  719. your children - but
    you're not really there
  720. because you're thinking about
  721. whatever trial there is on your mind.
  722. But I've kind of learned after time,
  723. God can cope without me worrying
  724. about something for a few seconds
  725. and to spend that time with them.
  726. You know, as a pastor at home
  727. I have a kind of Monday off, if you like,
  728. where basically I don't do any counseling
  729. on a Monday,
  730. or the normal churchy things on a Monday
  731. that I do on other days.
  732. And it's been a hard
    lesson for me to learn.
  733. At first, I was like,
  734. Lord, are You sure You can manage
  735. without me and run the church for a day?
  736. And you know, it's like the Lord says,
  737. well, let Me think about that one.
  738. You know, I made the world in six days
  739. at the command of My voice.
  740. I placed the stars in orbit.
  741. I parted the Red Sea.
  742. Yeah, I think I can just about manage
  743. for a little bit without you.
  744. But you see, brethren,
  745. in that illustration
    how ridiculous we get
  746. when we don't think we can rest.
  747. What a distrust of the Lord it is, really.
  748. You know, it's funny though,
  749. when, at least in my experience,
  750. when I do have the Monday off,
  751. normally it's the more grumbly,
  752. hypercritical spirit who are the ones
  753. who are always trying
    to intrude upon that.
  754. Desperate for me to sort out whatever.
  755. It's like I don't care what day it is.
  756. If I say, "jump,"
  757. I expect my pastor to say, "how high?"
  758. But anyway, then in v. 27-28,
  759. we see the Sabbath breakers.
  760. From v. 26, once again,
  761. "Six days you shall gather it,
  762. but on the seventh day
  763. which is a Sabbath,
  764. there will be none.
  765. On the seventh day,
  766. some of the people went out
  767. to gather but they found none.
  768. And the Lord said to Moses,
  769. 'how long will you refuse to keep
  770. My commandments and My laws?'"
  771. And I think there's application
  772. for the Lord's Day here.
  773. Just as these Israelites,
  774. they prepared before the Sabbath
  775. by gathering what they needed
  776. the day before there.
  777. I think it's good, isn't it,
  778. to prepare for the Lord's Day?
  779. If you can.
  780. As in make sure you're not overly tired
  781. to come in and be with the people.
  782. That you've done things
  783. so you're not rushing around like crazy.
  784. I'm not saying you can't go to the shop
  785. for some milk or something
  786. if you've run out or anything like that.
  787. But from v. 29,
  788. "See the Lord has given you the Sabbath.
  789. Therefore, on the sixth day,
  790. He gives you bread for two days.
  791. Remain each in his place.
  792. Let no one go out of his place
  793. on the seventh day.
  794. So the people rested on the seventh day."
  795. Notice that lastly.
  796. The people rested on the seventh day.
  797. Once again, Sabbath,
  798. and that principle there of rest.
  799. What's your idea of Sabbath rest?
  800. Or the Lord's Day?
  801. Is it a long list of burdensome rules?
  802. You know, our Lord Jesus said,
  803. didn't He, the thing you must know
  804. about the Sabbath is it was made for man.
  805. That is, can you trust Me
  806. enough to rest?
  807. And the thing He most wants us to learn
  808. most of all though
  809. is that you can trust in Him
  810. and rest in what He's done for salvation.
  811. In that picture of the Gospel rest
  812. which it ultimately points to there.
  813. I think I've used this
    illustration before here.
  814. My wife always tells me off
  815. for using the same illustrations.
  816. So forgive me if I have.
  817. She always says when
    you use an illustration
  818. you've given before,
  819. I just switch off.
  820. But you have that picture, don't you,
  821. in Genesis of God making the world.
  822. There was an evening and a morning -
  823. the first day.
  824. An evening and a morning, the second day.
  825. An evening, a morning, a third day.
  826. Until you get to the Sabbath day.
  827. And there's no evening and morning.
  828. It's just a continual day.
  829. When God rested on the Sabbath day there,
  830. it's not that He rested
    and then He carried on
  831. on the following day.
  832. But He rested from it
  833. because it's finished.
  834. The work is all done.
  835. So He entered into His rest.
  836. And you see, that's the picture
  837. of what Christ would do on the cross
  838. there when He said, "It is finished."
  839. He's done everything needed
  840. for salvation.
  841. And you see, that is where
  842. salvation comes, doesn't it?
  843. Resting in what Christ has done for you.
  844. And so, to really finish then,
  845. from v. 31-36,
  846. we're told how some of the manna
  847. was stored, just so later,
  848. it would be one of the items
  849. in the ark of the covenant there.
  850. He tells them to take a
    jar of it and so forth,
  851. but in John 6,
  852. people came to Jesus and they said to Him,
  853. "What must we do
  854. to be doing the works of God?"
  855. What must we do to be doing the works,
  856. the miracles of God?
  857. They asked Jesus there in John 6.
  858. You see, these people,
  859. they had just seen Jesus feed the 5,000
  860. with five loaves and two fishes.
  861. So they were asking Him,
  862. what must we do?
  863. So we can do a miracle like this.
  864. As Jesus had just said to them,
  865. you are seeking Me for the wrong reasons.
  866. You see, in the miracle of the feeding
  867. of the 5,000, they didn't come to realize
  868. Who He was.
  869. And so they wanted to do
    miracles, these people,
  870. rather than seeking Him.
  871. Well, Jesus answered them,
  872. "This is the work of God:
  873. that you believe in Him Whom He has sent.
  874. So they said to Him,
  875. 'then what sign do you do
  876. that we may see Him and believe You,
  877. and what work You may perform?
  878. Our fathers ate the manna
  879. in the wilderness.
  880. As it is written,
  881. 'He gave them bread from heaven to eat.'
  882. Jesus said to them,
  883. 'Truly, truly, I say to you,
  884. it was not Moses who gave you
  885. the bread from heaven,
  886. but My Father gives you
  887. the true bread from heaven.
  888. For the bread of God is He Who
  889. comes down from heaven
  890. and gives life to the world.
  891. They said to Him,
  892. 'Sir, give us this bread always.'
  893. Jesus said to them,
  894. 'I am the bread of life.
  895. Whoever comes to Me shall not hunger.
  896. Whoever comes to Me shall not thirst.'"
  897. You see, He is the true Manna.
  898. Christ is not some temporary provision
  899. that lasted forty
    years, in other words,
  900. but everlasting.
  901. You see, Jesus is the One
  902. you must come to to rest in,
  903. and feed from Him for everlasting life.
  904. You see, just as this manna
  905. sustained in the wilderness,
  906. Christ is the One
  907. Who must sustain you before the judgment,
  908. Who we are to feed upon there.
  909. So that's what I have to say.
  910. Let's pray.
  911. Our Father, I just pray that these words
  912. would be helpful to the
    brothers and sisters,
  913. for the unity of the church here,
  914. to knit hearts together
    as David and Jonathan.
  915. Keep us from evil, we ask.
  916. Keep us from a grumbling spirit.
  917. Keep us from temptation.
  918. Help us to feed on You.
  919. In Jesus' name,
  920. Amen.