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  1. All right, you're done.
  2. Let me show you my solution.
  3. As you can see,
  4. I've modified the colors.xml file to
    match our selected material pallet.
  5. I've also gone and replaced
    these colors throughout the app.
  6. Most notably,
    in the main style.xml file.
  7. We know our app theme is using color
    primary, color primary dark, and
  8. color accent.
  9. But there are other places in the code
    that I had to do a search and
  10. replace on all three
    of these color values.
  11. And that's it.
  12. All right, as you can see, here's a new
    version of Sunshine, with our new and
  13. updated colors.
  14. Pretty cool stuff.