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  1. Don just provided examples of a good
  2. conceptual model. And an ineffective conceptual model,
  3. using the two refrigerators at Udacity. We'll
  4. talk more about why the ineffective example, was
  5. ineffective in a moment. But first, let's
  6. step back. And talk about what conceptual models
  7. are. So a conceptual model is an
  8. explanation. Usually highly simplified, of how something works.
  9. Sometimes conceptual models are inferred from a
  10. product itself. Sometimes they're learned over a, a
  11. course of time. In other situations they're passed
  12. down from person to person. They're really good
  13. at helping people predict, how something will work.
  14. And what to do in case something goes
  15. wrong. I think conceptional models will like a
  16. lot more sense, if I provide an example.