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12-05 Vacuum World

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  1. This problem is about planning in belief space.
  2. We have the 2 room vacuum world, and we've represented various belief states here.
  3. Now, in this version, there are no sensors and so no percepts.
  4. The actions are all deterministic.
  5. A right or left or suck action will always do what it's supposed to do,
  6. and the environment is static.
  7. That is, dirt stays put until it's cleaned up.
  8. Now, in the start, you know nothing about the environment.
  9. You have no input. You don't know what location you're in.
  10. You don't know where the dirt is, and your goal is to be in the leftmost of the 2 squares
  11. and have both squares cleaned up, and what I want you to do
  12. is click on the sequence of actions, an action like this one or this one or this one
  13. or this one, that constitute a path from the start state to the goal state.
  14. And then I want you to click on yes if that path is guaranteed
  15. to always reach the goal, and no if the path only sometimes reaches the goal.