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    [Introduction with music]
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    Our ancestors prepare us for this, yes?
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    to face, speak with the voice of a jaguar
  4. Not Synced
    without fear, without awe.
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    so they know that we as indigenous also
  6. Not Synced
    have a clear knowledge of were life goes
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    and what's in our environment
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    That's why god placed us here,
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    because from here we can look after nature
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    [flute sound]
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    In every space of our Amazon
  12. Not Synced
    scattered throughout Bolivia, Peru,
  13. Not Synced
    Colombia and Equador
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    there are stories of knowledge,
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    of populations that conserve and
  16. Not Synced
    make good use of their environment.
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    [Various instruments make music]
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    We...We are a native race; Shuar people.
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    Here in the Amazon there's many riches