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JANGAN BILANG AKU GILA! (Don't Call Me Crazy!)


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Suharto and Rufiana suffered from mental illness and became at one time inpatients of the special Islamic boarding school Al-Ghafur in Bondowoso, East Java, Indonesia. After declared fully cured, Rufiana got married and has a daughter now, while Suharto chooses to stay at Al-Ghafur and earns his living there. Yet, they are still to gain acceptance from their families, much less society.

• Best Documentary Director at the 2013, 6th STEPS Internatinal Film Festival in Ukraine
• Nomination at the 2013, 6th STEPS Internatinal Film Festival in Ukraine
• Official selection at the 2009 Madurai Film Festival in India
• Official selection at 2009 3 Cities Short Film Festival in Indonesia
• Finalist of the 2008 Festival Film Dokumenter in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

If you want to screen this film and make donation event for the subjects in this film or for mental health support group/community/individual in your city/country, please feel free to contact me: