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  1. Hi, I'm Thamsaqna Jantjie from Nelson Mandela's funeral.
  2. [Obama speaking]
  3. [robot voice: Cigarette. Share.]
    [robot voice: Hand me the scissors.]
  4. Believe me, I'm a real professional sign language interpreter!
  5. [robot voice: I. Speak. Sign Language.]
    [robot voice. NOT.]
  6. I am really, really sorry for what happened.
  7. [robot voice: Me. Famous. Celebrity.]
  8. [robot voice: I'm on a horse.]
  9. Now, I want to make it up to the whole world.
  10. [robot voice: Now, I do campaigns.]
    [robot voice: For money.]
  11. [record scratch sound]
  12. Introducing LiveLens.
  13. [offscreen: That was brilliant, let's do it again.]
  14. [music]
  15. Introducing LiveLens.
  16. An app that allows you to broadcast live
  17. to your friends and your followers.
  18. Remember, the most interesting things
  19. happens live.
  20. [applause]
  21. LiveLens.
    [robot voice: Live. Live.]
  22. [robot voice: Want to hear more?]
  23. [robot voice: Download LiveLens from your App store.]
  24. [music]
  25. [record scratches]