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  1. When we visualize data, it's usually a lot
  2. easier to draw conclusions. And we can see a
  3. clear upward trend in the relationship between hours slept
  4. and temporal memory. Based on this data, we can
  5. say that in general, the more you sleep
  6. the better your temporal memory score. This isn't to
  7. say though that sleep causes a higher temporal memory
  8. score. This is just the trend that we can
  9. see from this data. We don't really
  10. know if a higher temporal memory score translates
  11. to a better test result. So we can't
  12. say this second option. This third option is
  13. the opposite of the relationship we see here.
  14. And we definitely do see an upward trend
  15. in this relationship. We'll get more into visualizing
  16. data later. But for now, the point is,
  17. data comes in all forms. As raw data, or visualized,
  18. or in certain numbers that summarize the data. We should make good
  19. decisions on what methods we should use to draw sound conclusions from our data.