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03-09 Business_Model_Canvas_Key_Partners

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  1. The next piece is who are your key partners and suppliers.
  2. Partnerships are kind of interesting is we need to ask ourselves before what's the deal
  3. is what exactly are we acquiring from partners, and also
  4. what activities are they going to perform and when.
  5. And this is where a start up sometimes make a mistake of thinking while large companies
  6. do partnerships, I guess I need those two on day 1.
  7. Change all the types of partnerships you need in year 1 are certainly not the ones
  8. you're going to need in year 3 or 5 or 10, and the types of partnerships could be strategic alliances,
  9. joint ventures, just regular suppliers and buyers, and you need to be thinking through
  10. who they are and after your getting out of the building and tested them.