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Wiring my FX loop pedal board (Guitar Lesson GG-124) How to


This video is part of the JustinGuitar team.

In this video I wire up my fx loop pedalboard, start with showing you the signal path, then a fast forward of the wiring up process of audio and power. I have two boards because I often use this one with acoustic guitar, I'll film a vid for the pre-amp board soon but still doing some experimenting with different pedals and want to sort it before filming.

Find the related course notes on the following link:

Effects in Order:

Gig Rig Loopy 2 containing:
- MXR Phase 90 (vintage)
- EH Micro Pog
Analog Man Bi-Chorus
Strymon Timeline Delay
- Linked to Pigtronix Mission Controller
Strymon Blue Sky Reverb

On PedalTrain Jr pedalboard
Powered by Voodoo Labs Pedal Power Digital
Using George L cables