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  1. (Talks at Google - Peter Gabriel -
    October 2nd, 2012)
  2. [Applause]
  3. Hi there,
  4. [Introducing] Peter Gabriel, Google -
    Google, Peter Gabriel.
  5. [Applause]
  6. So this is another Talks at Google event
    and we're very, very pleased
  7. to welcome musician, artist and activist
    Peter Gabriel today.
  8. We are going to have the great chance
    to ask him questions
  9. about his current tour
    and the 25th anniversary of "So"
  10. which is going to be released
    actually at the end of October,
  11. on October 22nd,
  12. and we'll have also some chance
    for the audience to ask him questions as well.
  13. So why don't we get started?
  14. You 're here on tour,
    in the middle of the tour.
  15. And what was the story behind the tour?
    How did it come to be?
  16. [Peter Gabriel]
    Well, there were a number of things,
  17. I mean I have never really
    done a retro tour before
  18. and I was pretty resistant, you know.
  19. I know Robert Plant quite well
    and we were chiding each other
  20. Not Synced
    on who was going to succumb
    to the big money first.
  21. Not Synced
    Anyway, I went to see the Beach Boys
    do Pet Sounds
  22. Not Synced
    which I always used to love.
  23. Not Synced
    And that convinced me that
    to see one of the records you enjoy
  24. Not Synced
    from start to finish
    was an actually good thing.
  25. Not Synced
    And that coincided
    with some nice offers,
  26. Not Synced
    so that was an easy decision.
  27. Not Synced
    I'm actually going to
    take a sabbatical year
  28. Not Synced
    with my family.
  29. Not Synced
    We've got a teacher coming out with us
  30. Not Synced
    and so it helps underwrite
    that sabbatical year as well.
  31. Not Synced
    There were a number of reasons but,
  32. Not Synced
    I decided to bring back the band
    that originally toured that record
  33. Not Synced
    and so that's been fun
    and we're actually having a great time.
  34. Not Synced
    We do the evening in three parts.
  35. Not Synced
    The first part is based on the idea
    that the process is often as interesting
  36. Not Synced
    if not more interesting
    than the final product.
  37. Not Synced
    So we start off with an unfinished song
  38. Not Synced
    and then we do sort of rehearsal mode
    with the house lights on,
  39. Not Synced
    that's the starter.
  40. Not Synced
    Then the main course is a few songs,
  41. Not Synced
    more electronic
    or electric versions of things
  42. Not Synced
    and then the last chunk,
    if you can get through all that
  43. Not Synced
    you get your dessert
    which is the "So" album.
  44. Not Synced
    So that's how it works.
  45. Not Synced
    Specifically about the "SO" album,
  46. Not Synced
    you're playing,
    the actual tour is called "Back to front"
  47. Not Synced
    and that seems to be the sort of
    the format you just discussed
  48. Not Synced
    but playing "So",
    the track order that you have now
  49. Not Synced
    That wasn't the original track order,
  50. Not Synced
    Well, this is an interesting diversion
    about technology,
  51. Not Synced
    because although I'm a big fan of vinyl
  52. Not Synced
    I was also a great fan of
    the digital world
  53. Not Synced
    because suddenly we could get
    more dynamics in the music
  54. Not Synced
    and there were restrictions
    in the vinyl world.
  55. Not Synced
    For example, the track
    "In your eyes"
  56. Not Synced
    I always wanted to go
    at the end of the record
  57. Not Synced
    But it has a good bass line there.
  58. Not Synced
    To get a fat bass line
    on a full vinyl record,
  59. Not Synced
    you can't put it near the end.
  60. Not Synced
    You have to have it nearer the beginning,
  61. Not Synced
    So, it went on the start of side two
    just because there wasn't enough room
  62. Not Synced

    for the needle to vibrate
    as it got close to the center.
  63. Not Synced
    so, then, when CDs came along,
    I was able to take that track
  64. Not Synced
    and put it back on the end
    where it always should have been.
  65. Not Synced
    And on this release that's coming up,
    it's a couple of variations.
  66. Not Synced
    As I understand, there's the CD itself
    rereleased and remastered
  67. Not Synced
    and that's the third time
    you remastered that ...
  68. Not Synced
    Yes, as long as people keep buying it
    we'll remaster it (audience laughs)
  69. Not Synced
    And then, it's going to be
    a comprehensive boxed set
  70. Not Synced
    that's got both CDs,
    material that hasn't been released yet
  71. Not Synced
    and also a DVD with some concert footage,
    and you've been sitting on this,
  72. Not Synced
    this has been in the stores...
  73. Not Synced
    (Peter) Yeah, we'll throw
    any old shit in there.
  74. Not Synced
    Hey, it was old, get it in.
  75. Not Synced
    No, but there were a couple of things
    we were waiting for the right day,
  76. Not Synced
    You know, you always get more interested
    in the latest thing
  77. Not Synced
    so we'd sort of forgotten about that.
  78. Not Synced
    Also we shot the film, the show,
    25, 26 years ago
  79. Not Synced
    Scorcese had been producing
  80. Not Synced
    and he had got
    this wonderful cinematographer doing it
  81. Not Synced
    and we hadn't realised quite what we had,
    So we went back to the film,
  82. Not Synced
    I mean tons of film cans
    had to be carefully resurrected
  83. Not Synced
    and then we took
    all the data off the film
  84. Not Synced
    and then
    had a much better resolution version
  85. Not Synced
    of that concert
    that we had done previously.
  86. Not Synced
    (Interviewer) And the actual
    production of "So"
  87. Not Synced
    and also some of the videos
    documenting that...
  88. Not Synced
    Over what time period
    did that actually happen?
  89. Not Synced
    From when you thought about
    the album you did originally
  90. Not Synced
    to getting it out the door?
  91. Not Synced
    (Peter) So on this latest thing...?
  92. Not Synced
    (Interviewer) The original.
  93. Not Synced
    I think that just sort of happened
    as things came up.
  94. Not Synced
    There wasn't really
    a brillant master plan.
  95. Not Synced
    You know, when we finish this
    then what else do we need to do?
  96. Not Synced
    We were trying film things,
  97. Not Synced
    I mean, again, if you have the opportunity
    to have two gigs in the same place
  98. Not Synced
    then it makes filming a lot easier
    'cause you can do the set up,
  99. Not Synced
    and all the mistakes you make
    on the first day
  100. Not Synced
    you can try and sort out
    on the second day.
  101. Not Synced
    And we did that in Greece as well.
  102. Not Synced
    So, when you're approaching songwriting,
  103. Not Synced
    maybe at the time
    you're approaching songwriting,
  104. Not Synced
    With regards to "So",
  105. Not Synced
    did you have a list of songs
    and then say, "OK, right,
  106. Not Synced
    I'm going to select
    these musicians to start working with"
  107. Not Synced
    or were you writing
    and recording at the same time?
  108. Not Synced
    I'm always writing lyrics
    until the day it's released, really.
  109. Not Synced
    I'm slow with those,
    but there were a few ideas.
  110. Not Synced
    In fact, I had forgotten this
    but Manu and Tony said
  111. Not Synced
    that Sledgehammer was an afterthought.
  112. Not Synced
    There was a taxi,
    waiting to take Manu back to Paris
  113. Not Synced
    and we had an hour left.
  114. Not Synced
    I think I said, I've got this new idea
    that maybe we could just put a demo down

  115. Not Synced
    and that was it.
  116. Not Synced
    I mean we carried on working on it
    cause it felt great,
  117. Not Synced
    but it was quite an after thought.
  118. Not Synced
    And then Sledgehammer
    also took on a life of its own
  119. Not Synced
    when it came to the video
    which you worked with Arvin on and others
  120. Not Synced
    My son, first, straightaway said,
  121. Not Synced
    "The chickens! That looks
    just like Wallace and Grommit!"
  122. Not Synced
    How did that come to be?
  123. Not Synced
    Actually, the man who did the chickens was
    the man who created Wallace and Grommit.
  124. Not Synced
    And I was working
    with this brilliant director
  125. Not Synced
    Steven R. Johnson
    and he brought in the Quay Brothers
  126. Not Synced
    who is a fantastic sort of
    dark East European looking animation.
  127. Not Synced
    And I saw they've now got
    a big thing at MOMA in New York.
  128. Not Synced
    And I bought an AARDman animation
    who were from down the road in Bristol.
  129. Not Synced
    Steven and I had a couple of weeks
    just bashing through ideas
  130. Not Synced
    and then we bought in the others.
  131. Not Synced
    And it was a really exciting
    creative brainstorming.
  132. Not Synced
    That's always been one of the things
    I most enjoy about what I do
  133. Not Synced
    is working with people
    from different backgrounds,
  134. Not Synced
    often smarter than I am
    and just cooking something up.
  135. Not Synced
    So that was a great experience,
    but quite painful too
  136. Not Synced
    'cause we did everything
    the old fashioned way
  137. Not Synced
    frame by frame.
  138. Not Synced
    So when you see a sky
    moving across my face
  139. Not Synced
    that has been painted
    frame by frame
  140. Not Synced
    and the skin gets very raw.
  141. Not Synced
    And when you're under glass
    with a lot of raw fish,
  142. Not Synced
    on day one, that's fun, but day two ...
    at least you put the blame on the fish.
  143. Not Synced
    And that video I think
    is actually the most played video
  144. Not Synced
    ever on MTV.
  145. Not Synced
    I mean, granted,
    they don't play
  146. Not Synced
    quite as many videos these days,
    but still the fact...(laughter)
  147. Not Synced
    but that's a huge accomplishment.
  148. Not Synced
    Having been relatively young at that age,
  149. Not Synced
    It was so different
    from anything that was out there.
  150. Not Synced
    And it set a standard for an experience
  151. Not Synced
    that was getting you
    into the mind of the writer
  152. Not Synced
    and the artist in a different way.
  153. Not Synced
    An entertainment value that
    wasn't just for the sake of entertainment
  154. Not Synced
    but also telling a story.
  155. Not Synced
    Yeah, I think that
    what was great about videos then
  156. Not Synced
    is that there were
    people who wanted to watch them
  157. Not Synced
    and there was a budget
    and there were no rules.
  158. Not Synced
    So you could do
    what the hell you wanted
  159. Not Synced
    and there was no one there
    to say "No, this is the way we do it."
  160. Not Synced
    Back to songwriting, I want to ask
  161. Not Synced
    Mike Rutherford made the comment once
    that you're a frustrated drummer.
  162. Not Synced
    You started as a drummer in school.
  163. Not Synced
    Do you think you think more rhythmically,
    originally, about a song,
  164. Not Synced
    or do you think more melodically?
  165. Not Synced
    I think both. There are some things
    that are just based on melody,
  166. Not Synced
    but groove is
    what drove me into music.
  167. Not Synced
    I think drummers,
    they seem to be in command
  168. Not Synced
    of this really loud thing
    and it looks like a lot of fun.
  169. Not Synced
    And that's what I wanted to be.
  170. Not Synced
    I was very enthusiastic.
    Not very good.
  171. Not Synced
    And it was fine
    in the early days of Genesis
  172. Not Synced
    because we had guys
    who were good solid drummers
  173. Not Synced
    but they weren't that creative.
  174. Not Synced
    Then when we got Phil,
  175. Not Synced
    unfortunately he was
    a way better drummer than I was.
  176. Not Synced
    But I used to still have
    some bits of my drum kit onstage
  177. Not Synced
    and I would find my bass drum
    full of carpet.
  178. Not Synced
    Gradually these things
    were getting reduced,
  179. Not Synced
    so that was a subtle way of saying
    that maybe I wasn't the best timekeeper.
  180. Not Synced
    However, being a major drum fan
  181. Not Synced
    I worked with some of
    the best drummers in the world, I think.
  182. Not Synced
    And one of those is Stewart Copeland
    who is also a lousy timekeeper.
  183. Not Synced
    Just don't tell that to Stewqrt Copeland.
  184. Not Synced
    No, I've told him, he'll say it himself,
    because he races.
  185. Not Synced
    But the energy he puts into his drumming
    and the attack on that is fantastic.
  186. Not Synced
    He does that brilliantly.
  187. Not Synced
    [Interviewer] On that album
    he played high-hat
  188. Not Synced
    Well, this is the thing;
  189. Not Synced
    I had so many wonderful drummers
    I could cut out bits and pieces
  190. Not Synced
    and get a bit of a high-hat from Stewart,
    a kick from Manu and whatever it was...
  191. Not Synced
    But I'm a bit obsessive
    as you might guess from this.
  192. Not Synced
    The groove has to be right.
  193. Not Synced
    We work quite hard trying to find
  194. Not Synced
    grooves that aren't the regular ones
    you're hearing on the radio.
  195. Not Synced
    [Interviewer] With having this band
    back on stage together,
  196. Not Synced
    are there some moments
    when you look around and it's déjà vu?
  197. Not Synced
    Yeah, and we all look exactly the same
    as we did twenty-five years ago.
  198. Not Synced
    Actually, a couple of the guys do,
    I wish I could say that.
  199. Not Synced
    It's a bit like family get-togethers,
  200. Not Synced
    because you end up with
    the same bunch of folk
  201. Not Synced
    doing exactly the same thing
    as you always did,
  202. Not Synced
    with all the pleasures and problems
    that went along the first time.
  203. Not Synced
    So, it feels very familiar
    but I'm enjoying it a lot.
  204. Not Synced
    [Interviewer] And as far as the way
    in which the songs evolve
  205. Not Synced
    when you're on tour,
  206. Not Synced
    there's that section that's defined as
    'let's play with these more'
  207. Not Synced
    but do you also come back
    and rearrange the songs a little bit?
  208. Not Synced
    Are they the same songs
  209. Not Synced
    you started out with
    at the beginning of the tour
  210. Not Synced
    that you wind up with at the end?
  211. Not Synced
    Well, we try to get them right
    so we are tweaking,
  212. Not Synced
    every sound check
    we're trying to find a few weaknesses
  213. Not Synced
    and nail them.
  214. Not Synced
    We never used to play
    all those tracks together
  215. Not Synced
    partly because two of them
    were a bitch to get right.
  216. Not Synced
    We couldn't get them working.
  217. Not Synced
    So I think we're
    closing in on them anyway.
  218. Not Synced
    You do want to keep changing it.
  219. Not Synced
    However, I keep forgetting
  220. Not Synced
    because we did start off
    rehearsing some other stuff as well.
  221. Not Synced
    Now we've got things
    beginning to feel like a real show
  222. Not Synced
    and working properly,
  223. Not Synced
    then when you do change the numbers over
  224. Not Synced
    that means also
    that you need to re-program the lights
  225. Not Synced
    and all that stuff.
  226. Not Synced
    I think we will be doing that,
    getting some flexibility,
  227. Not Synced
    but gently.
  228. Not Synced
    [Interviewer] In a tour like this
    I know that you've always
  229. Not Synced
    put a lot of energy and time
    to make a concert a full experience,
  230. Not Synced
    not just 'OK, here's some nice lights
    and here are the songs'
  231. Not Synced
    played the best they can be
  232. Not Synced
    but also the experience of the songs,
    in a way.
  233. Not Synced
    How much time goes into
    prepping for a tour like this?
  234. Not Synced
    It's a fair bit,
    I've got some very smart people.
  235. Not Synced
    In fact, there was an idea,
    originally 25-26 years ago
  236. Not Synced
    when I was just doing videos
  237. Not Synced
    and I saw the cameras on these booms
    that were being manually operated.
  238. Not Synced
    I thought the way they moved
    was really cool.
  239. Not Synced
    So we replaced the cameras with lights
  240. Not Synced
    and now we've got lights
    with little cameras on them as well.
  241. Not Synced
    But they're still manually operated.
  242. Not Synced
    I'm working on another show after this
    which will be more robotic, I think.
  243. Not Synced
    But this one, I'm really enjoying
    the manual element.
  244. Not Synced
    It feels quite futuristic
    and retro simultaneously.
  245. Not Synced
    [Interviewer] And speaking of robots,
    you've always been
  246. Not Synced
    in Silicon-Valley-speak,
    and early-adopter of technology,
  247. Not Synced
    with CDRoms