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← Obtain a Testimony by Faith, Not Feelings - Bob Jennings

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  1. Hebrews 11.
  2. It starts out, verse 2,
  3. "By faith, the men of old
  4. gained approval."
  5. In the margin it says,
  6. "Obtained a good testimony."
  7. Literally.
  8. And you see the same wording
  9. back here in verse 39.
  10. "All these having gained approval..."
  11. Or, literally, "obtained a testimony
  12. through their faith.
  13. By faith, they obtained a testimony."
  14. I tell you, everyone here,
  15. that's one thing you've got to do.
  16. If you haven't done it,
  17. you have got to obtain that.
  18. There's something you've got to get.
  19. Something you better get
  20. or you're going to go to hell.
  21. You have to got to obtain a testimony.
  22. That is, a testimony
  23. that you're a Christian,
  24. and that you're headed for heaven.
  25. Earth is not your home.
  26. You're putting your trust in Jesus Christ
  27. to be your sin bearer.
  28. You've got to get a testimony.
  29. You've got to obtain a testimony.
  30. A good testimony.
  31. And you do that by faith.
  32. Yeah, I am believing God.
  33. I'm believing Christ.
  34. I'm believing the Word of God.
  35. I believe I'm a Christian.
  36. I am not going by feeling.
  37. I'm going by faith.
  38. I may not have any feelings.
  39. When I started out on the Christian path,
  40. I did not have any feelings.
  41. I had no flashing lights.
  42. I just saw that this is right.
  43. The Word of God is true.
  44. I've got to be born again.
  45. I have got to put all
    my eggs in one basket.
  46. I have got to go with Christ.
  47. I've got to forsake these sinful friends.
  48. I have got to forsake sin.
  49. And so I started out by faith,
  50. taking God at His Word
  51. when I didn't have a bit of feeling.
  52. And the friends, they laughed.
  53. Those fraternity brothers, they said,
  54. "You'll get over it before long."
  55. I knew, "you're wrong."
  56. I knew they were wrong right then.
  57. I wasn't going to get over it.
  58. I hadn't seen much,
  59. but what I saw was real.
  60. What I saw was real.
  61. Isn't that right, Sam?
  62. What you saw was real.
  63. There was enough glory.
  64. You saw enough glory
  65. to pull up stakes
  66. and to pitch your tent
  67. in Canaan's fair and happy land.
  68. From Bob Jennings' full sermon:
  69. All These Died in Faith, Confessing