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  1. Your brothers and your sisters...
  2. will be born in 2 hours.
  3. One big endless supply of perfection.
  4. You know we have a choice.
  5. We can stand there right now and create
    a whole race of goddamn brainwashed morons,
  6. and call them judges.
  7. Or we can create some freethinking people.
  8. We'll call them human.
  9. [Whispering]
  10. You could never control yourself.
  11. What makes you think
    you could control...
  12. these things?
  13. 'Cause you're in control.
  14. You be head of the council.
  15. [Whispering]
    You choose,
  16. and you choose quickly too.
  17. I should have put you down myself...
  18. personally.
  19. You know I never understood that.
  20. Why did you judge me?
  21. Why did you judge me?
  22. - You killed innocent people.
    - The means to an end.
  23. - You started a massacre!
    - I caused a revolution.
  24. You betrayed the law!
  25. Law!
  26. I betrayed this!
  27. Your council's experiment which failed...
  28. in you!
  29. I was your brother,
    your blood, your friend.
  30. Who betrayed who?
  31. When are you gonna stop being
    a goddamn slave and grow up!
  32. That's your birthright!
    That's your family! I'm your family!
  33. I'm the only family you ever had!
  34. Now choose!
  35. The best thing you can do is kill me.
  36. Why?
  37. Because it's your only chance...
  38. brother!