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  1. This idea is called the Mixnet. It was invented by
  2. David Chaum. Any youll notice that this is quite
  3. similar to onion routing and in fact onion
  4. routing was based on this idea. There is a couple
  5. issues we have to work out though. This kind of
  6. encryption won't work very well. There are some
  7. big problems with the way weve described
  8. it so far. So supposed that we do this and we
  9. encrypt this way, how well would this actually
  10. work? If we encrypt to vote as described where
  11. youre going to use the layered public key
  12. encryption and the vote is the name of the
  13. party, the voter wants to vote for and you can
  14. assume that the encryption is done using RSA
  15. where the public keys are well-known to everyone,
  16. the private keys are kept secret to their correct
  17. owners. And there are no vulnerabilities in RSA.