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  1. My name is Panagiotis Varthalis,
    I am a squatter at Lelas Karagiannis 37,
  2. and a member of the anarchist collective
    "Circle of Fire", which is part of the
  3. Αnarchist Political Organization
    / Federation of Collectives.
  4. Squat "Lelas Karagianni 37" counts
    32 years of life, struggle and creation.
  5. It is a point of reference for the
    anarchist and anti-authoritarian movement,
  6. as well as for wider social and class struggles,
    while simultaneously being a gathering point
  7. for the intervention in local
    neighbourhood struggles,
  8. in the wider area around the centre,
  9. as well as in Kipseli district
    where the squat is.
  10. The squat is home to numerous
    social, political, cultural activities.
  11. While simultaneously being the ground
    where anarchist assemblies and collectives
  12. are based and operate.
  13. The elections on July 7th, were the
    point of renewal and acceleration
  14. of the attack by state and bosses
    against the majority of society.
  15. The law and order dogma
    attempted to be enforced
  16. by the neo-fascist government
    of New Democracy
  17. stands on the actions of the previous
    social-democratic management.
  18. It stands on the attempt to neutralize
    social and class struggles.
  19. It stands on the dozens
    of repressive blows,
  20. for which the previous
    government was responsible.
  21. It stands on the fatalism and defeatism,
    left behind by the delusions
  22. of a different management
    of state and capitalism,
  23. by the social-democratic version
    of modern totalitarianism.
  24. This new cycle of repressive operations
    against the squats
  25. and self-organized structures
    of refugees and migrants,
  26. began on August 26th, with the eviction of
    four squats in the Exarhia neighbourhood.
  27. This was followed by the invasion
    and camping of police forces in Exarhia,
  28. aiming at terrorising
    the entire neighbourhood,
  29. given that they have carried out a series
    of homophobic and sexist assaults
  30. against customers, residents and workers.
  31. At the same time, the police raids
    and operations continued in Athens
  32. as well as other cities in Greece.
  33. On November 15th, the police forces
    invade the Economic University's yard,
  34. and the beating of the students who
    were protesting the school lock-out.
  35. While there also is the
    brutal police violence
  36. every time a large demonstration
    in the centre of Athens ends.
  37. Characteristic examples are
  38. the demonstration in solidarity to squats
    on September 14th,
  39. the demonstration on November 17th,
    and the demonstration on December 6th.
  40. In each one of those cases,
    the police violence that followed
  41. the end of the demonstrations,
    in the Exarhia neighbourhood,
  42. the torturing, the persecutions,
    and the mass detainments
  43. were the rule, throughout this period.
  44. The ultimatum issued by the ministry
    of Public Order against the squats,
  45. did not surprise us
    as to its substance,
  46. as we have already been
    in a process of mobilization
  47. since last summer, against this repressive
    operation which directly targets us.
  48. Neither, however, did it terrorize us.
  49. On December 5th,
    the day the ultimatum ended,
  50. we were in the streets, demonstrating
    our solidarity to the squats,
  51. as well as on December 6th, where
    we had a dynamic presence
  52. together with other comrades
    in the demonstration
  53. for the 11th anniversary of the murder
    of Alexandros Grigoropoulos.
  54. The social and class uprising
    that broke out in December 2008
  55. because of the state murder
    of Alexis Grigoropoulos in Exarhia,
  56. is a major political,
    historical, and social event.
  57. It is proof that society is not dead.
  58. It is proof that the authority
    of state and capital is not invincible.
  59. The anarchists contribution
    to the eruption of the uprising
  60. and to the struggles that preceded
    while preparing it, was determining.
  61. In this uprising, we saw our proposals
    being socialized and embraced by the masses.
  62. However, as anarchists, our aim
    is not to repeat the uprising
  63. or ourselves within it.
  64. Our aim is to transcend
    the fragmentation of action
  65. the aformalism, the denunciation,
    and rebellionism.
  66. Our aim is to set the prospect of the
    social revolution in realistic terms.
  67. That is why it is necessary
    to upgrade our structures,
  68. our political and
    organizational processes.
  69. The entire repressive operation
    against social and class struggles,
  70. and especially against the anarchist
    and anti-authoritarian movement
  71. will, in our opinion, intensify
    and escalate in the coming period.
  72. Moreover, the aim of this attack
    is the crushing blow against
  73. the anarchist and anti-authoritarian
    struggle in its entirety.
  74. However, we believe that no matter how
    many blows the anarchist movement receives
  75. there are fighters
    all over the greek territory
  76. who are neither terrorized
    or are faint-hearted.
  77. The anarchist movement in Greece
    already counts 50 years of history,
  78. it has its own casualties,
    its own prisoners, its own tortured.
  79. The blood cannot be washed away by
    the water-cannons of the greek police.
  80. Memory is not garbage.
    In the end, we will win.