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Derek Video Entry


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Derek Salvatore's entry for the VODKA ROCKS! video contest. Full contest details can be found here:

About Derek:I'm a recent graduate from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where I majored in animation and art history. I enjoy producing animation, video, and music, with an emphasis on stop-motion animation. I'm inspired by pioneers like Starevitch, McLaren and Svankmajer, popular features like the Nightmare Before Christmas and Wallace and Gromit, and the auteur works of artists like Mati Kütt, Gil Alkabetz, Yamamura Koji and many others. Having studied abroad at Kyoto University of Art and Design, I'm hoping to return to Japan to live and work there for a while and eventually attend graduate school. A sampling of my personal work can be seen at

As for the Vodka Rocks piece, I liked the proposition of taking existing footage from the film and cutting a short, creative video out of it. The theme song is so evocative of the movie's satirical take on consumerism and the use of sex (along with music and even violence) as a marketing tool. Basically an abstract music video with no particular linear narrative, it was a fun experiment in working with found materials while trying to keep true in some way to the intent of the film.

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