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  1. In this unit, we will talk about how to apply a random stimulus to our hardware
  2. model. To put this into context, let's have a look at the major components of
  3. our Testbench. Here is a picture we've seen before. We have our device and our
  4. tests, and the Testbench surrounding it. In this unit, we will focus on
  5. interfacing to our device. So we'll code up this Stimulus Driver where we can
  6. send traffic to the device. We will also code a Receiver which enables the
  7. device to send traffic on the output channel. Both the Stimulus Driver and
  8. Receiver are controlled by the Test. So in the Test, we can control what kind
  9. of traffic is sent and how the Receiver behaves in order to create a realistic
  10. traffic scenario for our Device Under Test.