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  1. The computer renders a 3D scene by determining how much light comes from each
  2. direction. There are a few elements that go into this calculation. First, we
  3. have to define a world. For example, take this scene. Here, there are many
  4. different objects defined in different ways. Each object is described by some 3D
  5. geometry. It also has some material description that says how light interacts
  6. with it. Objects can also be animated over time. The red cube is obviously
  7. spinning and if you take a closer look at the metallics sitting man on the left
  8. you'll notice he moves. There are also lights in this world which in this case
  9. are not animated. As the view changes, some materials look different as the
  10. light reflects off of them at a different angle while others don't change.
  11. Finally, a camera is also defined for the scene and interactively changes under
  12. the user's control. To sum up, a scene consists of objects, which are typically
  13. described by geometry and material. Along with lights and a camera.