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Elements of a technical interview - Junior Developers Singapore


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Speaker: Michael Li, CTO, JobTech

Michael Li is currently the CTO of JobTech where he focuses on Recommendation Engines.

Previously, he was the CTO at Red Dot Robotics as well as the Analytics Consultant at SenseInfosys. His other experiences include being a Software Engineer and Technology Expert at the I2R Data Analytics Department and managing Biomedical and Genomic Data at NUS in School of Public Health, before joining NUHS and I2R to engineer Medical Ontology.

In his studies at the University of Melbourne, he worked in a chemistry laboratory sampling water for pollution for his Biomedical Engineering Degree. He is also experienced in the Biomedical Diagnostics Lab doing Bacterial Load Testing and being a Laboratory Technician.

Born and raised in Singapore, Michael is a Maris Stella Alumni and served his Singapore National Service as a Guardsman.

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Produced by Engineers.SG
Recorded by: Yeo Kheng Meng