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Temporary subs for my bros on /co/. Merry Christmas!
By the way, wow Google sucks so many ducks.

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  1. The Hacienda's Fever

  2. My love, my star, since you are gone
  3. My heart no longer beats, hours last for months.
  4. My love, my star, come back to me
  5. I hurt too much without you.
  6. Since you are gone...
  7. Ah, that's a treat for my ears.
  8. ...since you are gone...
  9. People can't sing anymore. Things were different in my day.
  10. <I>You</I> could sing?
  11. I was the legend of Bontarian nights! The king of the Hacienda of Love!
  12. Papycha, what's the Hacienda?
  13. The Hacienda was the hottest club in town, and once a year they held the prestigious Lovers' Ball.
  14. It was the best time to meet girls!
  15. Yo yo, yo yo, yo yo, yo yo,
  16. Tonight at the Hacienda's ball,
  17. The king of Iops is here,
  18. The king of Iops is me!
  19. Hey man don't be so keen,
  20. You sure could use some sheen,
  21. Good luck finding a queen!
  22. Pa-pa-pa-pow, wet noses bow,
  23. Make room for the Bow Meow,
  24. The ace is in the hall,
  25. You're gonna hear me meow!
  26. Woof woof! Your purr is overdone,
  27. Woof! You don't impress anyone,
  28. Woof woof!
  29. All right, have a laugh, have some fun!
  30. Get your dating on!
  31. I wanna see you melt the dance floor!
  32. Come on get moving!
  33. Yo we're d-d-dancing on springs!
  34. When each of us sings
  35. We hope to get lucky,
  36. So open up honey.
  37. L-l-look at my style, Iop!
  38. Stop with the bile, Iop!
  39. Stop with the guile, Iop!
  40. You've got hips for miles, Iop!
  41. Yeah, yeah, yeah,
  42. Let my heart become yours,
  43. Are those eyes really yours?
  44. You're my bomba Pandawa,
  45. You make me go wa-wa
  46. <I>Make me go wa-wa...</I>
  47. <I>Make me go wa-wa...</I>
  48. Woof! Woof woof woof woof! Woof! Woof!
  49. Yeah-ha ma-ca, woof woof!
  50. Yeah! Woof!
  51. If you like Ouginaks
  52. Count on me to watch your back,
  53. Don't worry if I attack,
  54. 'Cause to be in your pack
  55. I'm ready to go whack!
  56. Meow!
  57. Bellissima
  58. Can you dance the tango?
  59. Come with me, here we go,
  60. Come and get a move on!
  61. Dance from Astrub, to Otomai,
  62. I'll show you how, if you'll be mine
  63. Meow! Bellissima
  64. Woof woof!
  65. If you have been rejected,
  66. Don't be so cold-hearted.
  67. Here you will find true love,
  68. In the Hacienda of love,
  69. of love...
  70. If you're back to zero,
  71. If you want a hero,
  72. Just open your eyes.
  73. Come and break the ice.
  74. The girls are hitting the dance floor.
  75. We'll tell you what we came for.
  76. Your tricks are...
  77. You-your tricks are...
  78. Your tricks are...
  79. You-your tricks are...
  80. Your tricks are lame as they can be,
  81. And here is why you'll stay lonely:
  82. I've been single for too long,
  83. To pick the first guy to come along.
  84. You're cocky if you ask me,
  85. Please go back to your mommy.
  86. Of course I like boys,
  87. But I'm not one of your toys.
  88. Looks like I have no date,
  89. I won't be home late.
  90. Yeah, that's right, yeah
  91. If you have been rejected,
  92. Don't be so co-cold-hearted
  93. Here you will find true love,
  94. In the Hacienda of love!
  95. If you want a princess,
  96. Just open your eyes
  97. And come break the ice.
  98. You've found the right place.
  99. That's my Lou, I can see,
  100. That girl drives me crazy.
  101. I've searched the world for her...
  102. Meow...
  103. Oh la la, this Bow Meow,
  104. He makes me go “wow..."
  105. Let's see him try now...
  106. If you want my number,
  107. You need to try harder,
  108. Show me you're not a loser.
  109. My Lou...
  110. If you knew how I missed you.
  111. All this time spent without you
  112. Wasn't enough to forget you...
  113. I've looked everywhere,
  114. Consumed by despair,
  115. My heart is yours to share...
  116. Kitty, can I really believe that?
  117. Am I any more than a memory?
  118. Or are you marking your territory?
  119. You're a smooth talker...
  120. a black cat.
  121. Oh Lou, remember when I met your gaze,
  122. Your eyes burning with such a blaze.
  123. A chance meeting of two souls,
  124. Like two halves at last made whole.
  125. We were in high school,
  126. My mind just went blank.
  127. My heart felt a yank,
  128. I couldn't keep my cool,
  129. Baby.
  130. You watch yourself, Lou,
  131. And watch this guy, too,
  132. He'll try to woo you.
  133. He's scratched your heart once.
  134. He's a stray cat, ready to pounce.
  135. Lou, remember his shame
  136. Around his friends, things weren't the same.
  137. So afraid they'd like him less,
  138. And I trusted him, I was so clueless.
  139. Meow-oh-ow-oh
  140. You know I was a kitten,
  141. We were still but children,
  142. I meowed for your forgiveness.
  143. You were my one true princess,
  144. my princess...
  145. Lou, remember his jealousy in the hall,
  146. You had no freedom at all, at all...
  147. What are you doing here?
  148. Think I don't see you sneer?
  149. Flirting here with my girl,
  150. I'll take you for a whirl!
  151. You'll see how dumb you were!
  152. Oh, the prettiest of all was you,
  153. I always wanted to be with you...
  154. You think I didn't see you drool,
  155. You really take me for a fool, a fool...
  156. I shouldn't have to make amends,
  157. Those girls were just old friends...
  158. Yeah right, right.
  159. Now you're out of time,
  160. Keep your games for your own kind,
  161. I won't be your little doll!
  162. I go where I like, so get your paws off!
  163. I'm a woman with some oomph!
  164. Get your paws off!
  165. I'm a woman with some oomph!
  166. Keep your games for your own kind,
  167. I won't be your little doll!
  168. I go where I like, so get your paws off!
  169. I'm a woman with some oomph!
  170. Some oomph!
  171. A woman with some oomph!
  172. Some oomph!
  173. With some oomph!
  174. A woman with some oomph!
  175. A woman with some oomph!
  176. Oh, Lou didn't trust me anymore.
  177. It was over for me.
  178. Oh why was I such a Iop head,
  179. Without her love I could be dead.
  180. I will never laugh again,
  181. Just let me cry until I die,
  182. Until I drown myself in pain!
  183. Lou...
  184. I'm crazy for you...
  185. Sorry for you Bow Meow,
  186. I did like you until now.
  187. I never suspected a stray
  188. Would be so hard to turn away.
  189. I still love her just as much,
  190. Nothing has changed and yet
  191. She went and left me wanting,
  192. And that changes everything.
  193. I still hate him just as much,
  194. Nothing has changed and yet
  195. He came back to me running,
  196. And that changes everything.
  197. Sometimes love can be scary
  198. But trust your heart, don't worry.
  199. Here at the heart of the Hacienda,
  200. True love can find your heart,
  201. True love is written in my heart.
  202. Lou, give me a second chance,
  203. For you my heart still soars.
  204. It's simple really.
  205. If we're together, I won't be so lonely.
  206. I'm so lonely!
  207. Louuuuuuu!
  208. Meoooow!
  209. Oh, Kerub.
  210. I realize that with you
  211. Smiles and laughs aren't so few.
  212. Don't keep me waiting longer,
  213. Come make me feel better...
  214. Meow what a sweet prodigy,
  215. I'm feeling so dizzy,
  216. But it's not from the height,
  217. It's our love that's so bright!
  218. Hurry up,
  219. Let our love be enshrined
  220. Before I change my mind!
  221. I'm coming baby!
  222. I'm coming! I'm coming!
  223. Sometimes love can be scary
  224. But trust your heart, don't worry.
  225. Here at the heart of the Hacienda,
  226. True love can find your heart,
  227. True love is written in my heart.
  228. True love can find your heart,
  229. True love is written in my...
  230. But all good things come to an end.
  231. It's getting late
  232. And I need to work.
  233. So: End of the story!