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  1. Now that you're equipped with some basic skills necessary to acquire
  2. and clean up data, we'll use these tools in order to
  3. begin working on our class project, analyzing the dynamics and workings
  4. of the New York City subway system. First, you'll use your
  5. knowledge of how to acquire data via an API, to obtain
  6. weather underground data on New York City, for a month in
  7. 2011, and write it to a file. We'll then use our
  8. SQL skills to run some basic queries on the data and
  9. get a sense from what our day looks
  10. like. Once you're comfortable with the weather data, you'll
  11. grab a bunch of data related to the
  12. MTA subway itself from the MTA website. In addition
  13. to gaining some basic familiarity with the MTA
  14. data, you'll do some processing and cleaning of that
  15. data. Such that it'll be very easy to do
  16. analysis on the data in the very near future.