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  1. Hi everyone, I'm Barbara.
  2. I'm here in Veneto, in North Italy,
  3. and it's been exactly one week that I'm in a quarantine
  4. at my own home.
  5. I've been posting and making videos about
  6. coronavirus and how it spread and I was there
  7. three weeks ago when it all started in Vo.
  8. Since then I've got a lot of questions,
  9. so I thought I'm going to answer them,
  10. and I also asked you on Instagram.
  11. The first question is: "Can you go outside?"
  12. The answer is yes and no.
  13. We can go outside.
  14. The rules are not really strict, but also not really obvious,
  15. so we can go out for example,
  16. the pharmacy or to make groceries.
  17. We can do everything which are...
  18. we can say emergency actions.
  19. Like, for example, doing sports,
  20. so like jogging,
  21. or having a walk--like older people are usually having walks in Italy--
  22. You can do it but it happened for example
  23. one of my friend told me like Innapoli, there was an older man,
  24. and the policeman asked him, "What are you doing?"
  25. And he said, "well you know, just walking,"
  26. And they sent him home.
  27. So it's uh, so the policeman can stop you and ask you to-
  28. to go home.
  29. A lot of people are asking about
  30. if there will be any food. There's enough food.
  31. The basic things are still working,
  32. so there are groceries, and there are like vans who are coming and going,
  33. and they are bringing
  34. the food and the supplies
  35. with masks and you know, gloves.
  36. The trash, the trashmen are coming
  37. so the basic needs are are happening
  38. so yes, there will be enough food.
  39. you don't have to worry about that one.
  40. A lot of times I saw this question:
  41. when will it be over?
  42. We don't know that yet.
  43. And that's the whole problem.
  44. You know, in all of Italy
  45. In all of Europe, and all around the world
  46. we dont know when it's going to
  47. to be over.
  48. The numbers are still going up
  49. like really
  50. the numbers are really high. Every day,
  51. there's like hundreds of new people who are
  52. checking in because they have the symptoms
  53. So the problem is that we don't know when its going to be over.
  54. It's difficult to say at this point.
  55. Another question is connecting to this one.
  56. Why the numbers are high in Italy?
  57. The whole thing started in Italy because of three things.
  58. One of them is the tourists.
  59. In Italy, the tourism is really really strong and big
  60. Everyone loves to go here
  61. obviously because it's one of the most beautiful places
  62. and fantastic places on earth.
  63. But everyone likes to come here,
  64. so a lot of people come here.
  65. So that's why it started here.
  66. And then people started
  67. to spr- to move
  68. and go back to their own country
  69. and started to spread.
  70. The second reason is because
  71. this is a really old country.
  72. The average life age
  73. is eighty....eighty-five years old.
  74. So people dies in average eighty
  75. eighty-five years old
  76. which is really really high.
  77. And this means there's a lot of
  78. really old people here
  79. and they are the ones who-
  80. who we need to be care.. cared about,
  81. because they got the virus really easily
  82. and it's dangerous for them.
  83. And the third one is that, I think is because
  84. the Italians are having
  85. a really, like, small distance between
  86. each other.
  87. So, for example norther countries,
  88. like Norwegian or Swedish people,
  89. they are keeping
  90. one...one-half meter distance
  91. between each other
  92. when they are talking.
  93. Italians...for Italians it's like
  94. 20 centimeters.
  95. So the distance is really really small,
  96. which means
  97. it's very easier to get the virus
  98. so i think that's the third reason.
  99. What is the reality of life
    under the lock down?
  100. I have to say it's quite,
  101. quite the same.
  102. I do quite the same things
  103. as I usually do.
  104. It's because I'm an artist
  105. So I'm reading a lot,
  106. and I'm painting, I'm working
  107. I'm editing videos.
  108. So I'm doing kinda the same.
  109. The only weird thing is that
  110. I don't- I don't go out
  111. and that is... like we can't
  112. got out, and for now it's fine
  113. but it will be at one point,
  114. it will be difficult.
  115. I'm lucky because I have my
  116. boyfriend and his father here,
  117. so I'm not really alone. But
  118. meeting with other people is going to-
  119. I'm going to miss it at one point.
  120. Now I'm really fine with it.
  121. I talk with a lot of people
  122. I talk with my friends on Skype
  123. and you know, video chats.
  124. So that is really cool. You can keep
  125. and you know, I was thinking about
  126. make some wine talk with my friends
  127. through Skype, so I think
  128. you know that can- that can work.
  129. But yeah it's weird to be-
  130. to be in sweatpants all the time.
  131. But again I usually- I do this all
    the time.
  132. Sylvia last name is asking:
  133. Do you make stock-stockpiles
    of food and medicine?
  134. Are supermarkets open?
  135. I ready that in some towns, people
  136. are not allowed to leave their apartments.
  137. True. We have a lot of food now.
  138. Just yesterday we had groceries
  139. and we are making, we try to make it
  140. every second week to go to groceries,
  141. so we are not going there every day.
  142. Medicines. We have some kind of
  143. like for headache, for stomach-ache,
    for fever,
  144. so the basic ones, we have them, yes.
  145. Supermarkets are open, as I said.
  146. Another question from Yamato Damashii,
  147. "Why don't you immigrate to Hungary?" Oh,
  148. "Italy has once again entered a difficult
  149. time, and it will take a long time to
  150. I answered him wrong when I wrote
    back to him,
  151. but ok now I understand the question.
  152. I don't want to go back to Hungary
  153. because at the first part when
  154. was no one who was infected
    in Hungary,
  155. no one had the virus in Hungary,
  156. I decided not to go because I
  157. didn't want me to be the one
  158. who brings the virus there.
  159. I had this warm nationalism
  160. inside of me that I have to
  161. protect my nation, and I was like,
  162. ok, I'm not going to Hungary,
  163. what if I have the virus,
  164. and I don't want to bring it to them,
  165. and I didn't want to be that person.
  166. So that was my first thought,
  167. and then I didn't want to go there
  168. because I thought the healthcare
    in Hungary
  169. is way worse than the Italian one,
  170. so it's one person minus,
  171. so if I get sick, I don't, you know,
  172. occupying a bed there from
    someone else,
  173. and also I didn't want to leave
  174. my boyfriend here alone,
  175. because he's writing his thesis
  176. and he's also working at the
    same time,
  177. so he's really overwhelmed,
  178. and I just want to be next to him
  179. to help him.
  180. You Everything asks, "Are you prepared?"
  181. "Will you get food shipped in?"
  182. "I am praying for you here in Ohio."
  183. Well, thank you!
  184. I've got a lot, a lot, a lot of different
  185. and comments from you guys
  186. from all around the world,
  187. and I have to tell you that
  188. it warms my heart so much,
  189. because it, it's coming from
    really everywhere,
  190. I got messages from different
  191. from America, from Australia,
  192. from China, someone wrote
  193. Scotland, from the Netherlands,
  194. someone even wrote me from
  195. Nigeria, so, I'm really getting a lot
  196. of messages from you, and you know,
  197. asking how we are, and I really,
  198. really hope that you don't have to go
  199. through all of this, even though
  200. I don't feel that it's so bad,
  201. if I can say that, in my life,
  202. and I didn't have to experience
  203. or any kind of horrible diseases
  204. that, you know, kills, which kills
  205. my family, and [inaudible]
  206. a lot of people in the past
  207. experienced this, so I think staying
  208. at home for a couple of weeks
  209. is not a big sacrifice.
  210. Epstein didn't kill Himself (laugh) asks,
  211. "How old are the people who
    have died?"
  212. I have to check exactly the
  213. thing, because I am not sure
  214. about the exact numbers,
  215. but I know that most of them
  216. are over 60 years old.
  217. Ok, so let me see the Instagram
  218. Kikikiksky, Kikikiksky? Kikikiksky is
  219. "How is the current situation?"
  220. "Hope any better news."
  221. Well, thanks, and unfortunately
  222. and the numbers are still going
  223. high, so, higher and higher, so
  224. eventually there is no good
  225. news now, and I think that we
  226. will be on the top, I think, one week
  227. from now, and then it will go down.
  228. If someone has the virus
  229. and doesn't show any symptoms
  230. from 5 days to 11, which means
  231. that before the quarantine,
  232. a lot of people met, so those
  233. were still spreading the virus.
  234. So I think when the Prime Minister
  235. asked for the quarantine plus 11 days,
  236. that will be the highest point of the
  237. and then hopefully it will go down.
  238. Bachviki is asking in Hungarian,
  239. reading question in Hungarian
  240. Basically, her question is about if
  241. the racism is stronger than ever, or
  242. if it is lighter than before?
  243. It is difficult for me to answer to this,
  244. I don't really see any articles or
  245. people talking about on Facebook,
  246. about that it's anyone else's fault,
  247. or, so I don't really see that,
  248. I mean, for sure, there are a lot
  249. of people who thinks that, but
  250. I don't really see that.
  251. "More babies or divorces?"
  252. I like this question, very difficult
  253. to answer. I think both of them.
  254. I mean, they are saying, in apocalyptic
  255. articles people are writing
  256. what you should put in your stock,
  257. and next to rice and pasta,
  258. and they are saying also condoms.
  259. Some of you wrote me from China,
  260. that yes, we should be prepared that
  261. in nine months from now, we are
  262. going to have a lot of new babies,
  263. which is awesome, I think. (laughs)
  264. I think it's nice. I hope it will happen
  265. when the virus is not here anymore.
  266. And divorces, I hope not, I mean,
  267. I hope not there won't be any divorces,
  268. so I am hoping for more babies
  269. than divorces. (laughs)
  270. That's the questions I get from
    you guys,
  271. so hopefully I answered all of them,
  272. and if you have any others,
  273. and I am sure you have, then ask
  274. me in the comment section.
  275. You can follow me in Instagram,
  276. because there I am also putting
  277. information and my artworks
  278. about the Coronovirus because
  279. obviously I am creating while I am
  280. because I will never stop creating (laughs)
  281. and that is a good closing sentence,
  282. so thank you for watching this video,
  283. and don't forget to subscribe please,
  284. because I am really close to 1000, and
  285. after that I can earn some money which
  286. would be awesome, because I don't have
  287. any jobs right now. (laughs) So thank you,
  288. and take care, and see you next time. Bye!