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  1. So in our last section, we talked a little about culture, language, and
  2. thought. And now, we're going to jump to focusing on thought in more detail.
  3. First we're going to begin by looking at thinking, reasoning, and decision
  4. making, but there's a couple words you should know before we start. So, here,
  5. we have "cognition". "Cognition" is the mental processes involved in acquiring,
  6. processing, and storing knowledge. If you remember from lesson one, we talked
  7. about cognitive psychology. Which is the study of how people perceive,
  8. remember, think, and solve problems. When you're at home on the couch relaxing,
  9. thinking about a vacation you want to take, or of the great movies you saw last
  10. week, or even thinking about a new way to solve problems you may encounter.
  11. What's happening? How are you able to do that? Did you ever stop to wonder
  12. about what was going in in the brain? That is, how do we use our brains to
  13. solve and maintain these mental processes? So thinking is our cognition.