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  1. To recap, you made a new app called Festival
  2. app. And when you created that app, the platform automatically
  3. created an object to track Festivals. You added fields
  4. to capture the start and end dates, and then you
  5. created a record for a specific festival, which Samantha
  6. and Andy called Cloudstock. Objects, fields, records. These terms might
  7. still be a little unfamiliar to you. If that's confusing,
  8. let's step back for a moment and relate this model
  9. to something you're probably already comfortable with, spreadsheets.
  10. If you were to track this same information with
  11. a simple spreadsheet, it might look something like this.
  12. You'd create a new spreadsheet called Festivals. And you'd
  13. add a column for Festival Name, Start Date, and
  14. Date. Then you'd add Cloudstock as a row under
  15. those headers and complete the dates. You can add
  16. many different festivals as new rows on that spreadsheet.
  17. Now this is starting to make sense. Based on this analogy, how do these
  18. terms objects, fields, and records correspond to
  19. tables, columns, and rows on a spreadsheet?