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Surrogate Mothers | Feskov Human Reproduction Group

Such an exhilarating day!
The day when we can share good news!
This is a positive pregnancy test of your surrogate mother.
We are happy to experience the days like this!

All our clients know that everything is ok with the woman who is gestating their child, and this means that everything is ok with the baby.

You will go with us through all the stages: from a positive pregnancy test to the birth of a baby.

A personal pregnancy manager will keep you informed of all the examinations and ultrasound scans of your surrogate mother.

Communication on skype, photos and video of ultrasound to your e-mail is something that allows you to keep in touch with a surrogate mother throughout the entire period of pregnancy.

You can be sure that we care for the surrogate mother and, therefore, we take care of your future baby.

We not only create a new life and family.
We act immediately in the interests of the child.
We take care of the new generation.

Watch our video to see our surrogate mothers' days in our center!
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