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  1. Athena started interning at an architecture firm, to learn the basics of
  2. designing and planning for the construction of new buildings. This isn't just
  3. any architecture firm, though. It just so happens to be the firm that designed
  4. the new office for Grant's gleaming glasses company. So we're going to go back
  5. in time to follow Athena through the work that went into creating Grant's
  6. awesome new space. Since Athena is just getting used to being a part of the
  7. world of architecture at all, the firm gave her a pretty simple project to work
  8. on first. Since Grant's such a fun guy, he wanted his office to have a separate
  9. space, just for having fun. Thus, the fun room, which Athena get's to plan.
  10. Grant has picked out a very special wallpaper that he wants used in this room.
  11. And has a pattern that he wants to make sure is fully expressed on every wall,
  12. but he also wants there to be natural light in the room. So he wants windows
  13. along two of the walls. However, since he's not willing to sacrifice any of that
  14. wallpaper pattern, the two walls with the windows on them are going to have to
  15. be longer than the other two walls. Let's call the distance from one wall to the
  16. edge of a window x. And assume that each of these windows are placed in the
  17. center of either wall. So that there's a distance of x on either side. Now,
  18. since Grant loves natural light so much, he wants these windows to be really
  19. big. In fact, he's already picked out, surprise, surprise, the exact windows
  20. that he wants. And they are each 3 meters across. Now, since we're calling each
  21. of these lengths of wall x, we know that this length of wall is going to be
  22. equal to the sum of those two. So this is just 2x. Now, the thing that Athena
  23. needs to figure out is how much carpet is going to need to be laid down in the
  24. fun room. So considering these side links and your understanding of, area of
  25. rectangles, please come up with an expression for the number of square meters of
  26. carpet Athena's going to need for this room. You could either multiply or not
  27. multiply out your answer.