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  1. Great job so far, this is pretty complicated stuff. To wrap up this lesson we're
  2. going to do a little experiment and it's going to be awesome if you guys
  3. participate. Together we're all going to generate sampling distributions of size
  4. 1, 5, and 10. So here's what we're going to do. Pick a number, any number
  5. between 1 and 1048. Click the link to access the Klout score data, and then find
  6. the Klout score in the row of the number you picked. So if you picked the number
  7. 786, for example, go to row 786, find what Klout score that is, then write it
  8. down. Next,pick 5 numbers between 1 and 1048, find the Klout scores in these
  9. rows, take the average, and then write this number down. Finally, repeat this
  10. process with ten numbers. So you should get three numbers. Write these numbers
  11. in the Google form, with the link below. So essentially, we're going to get a
  12. bunch of means, depending on how many of you guys participate. So let's say 1000
  13. of you participate. Then we'll have 1000 Klout scores. Which we'll then create a
  14. distribution for. And this should look like the population distribution. And
  15. we'll also have 1000 means, of samples of size five. And we'll have 1000 means
  16. from samples of size 10. Then we'll be able to graph each of these sampling
  17. distributions and see if it turns out how we theoretically would have expected.
  18. So time for your last quiz of this lesson. Is this going to be awesome?