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Ep. #14 Tornadoes in Flagstaff, AZ - Storm Chasing in AZ *NOT REALLY*

The National Weather Service confirmed that two EF-1 tornados (86-100MPH Winds) touched down on Interstate 40 between mileposts 180 and 190 west of Flagstaff on Oct. 6, 2010.
According to AP, Dan LeBlanc of the National Weather Service said "that confirmation came because the tornado passed almost directly over our office here in Bellemont,"

A tornado hit Bellemont at 530 a.m. on Oct 6, 2010, and a second one about 45 minutes later. The tornado smashed windows and torn off siding of buildings, making 10 to 15 homes uninhabitable. Seven people reported minor injuries.

The Red Cross set up a shelter at Flagstaff Middle School for approximately 30 people whose homes became unlivable. The Department of Public Safety reported several collisions in the Bellemont area. No serious injuries were reported in those wrecks. I-40 was closed for a time from Parks to the A-1 interchange, roughly milepost 170 to 190.

The weather derailed a 58-car train, 28 of its cars were blown off the tracks.

About 30 RVs were blown over at the Camping World RV Park and debris was scattered all over I-40.

Throughout the day tornadoes were reported elsewhere. A tornado ripped a 15 mile path through the forest near Blue Ridge; one was confirmed near Munds Park; and one touched down near a cross country ski area at Fort Valley .