【English Dub】FANTASTIC CHILDREN ”Episode24” The official anime channel AnimeLog

【English Dub】FANTASTIC CHILDREN ”Episode24” The official anime channel AnimeLog

This is an authentic fantasy adventure for boys and girls to enjoy, with a nostalgic mystery and the titans of the adventure series. The story is a love story of children who travel through 200 million light-years of uncanny space and 500 years of space-time and centuries on earth. This is an original project that original writer/director Takashi Nakamura and Nippon Animation have been working on for many years.
Every child has these questions.
'Where do people come from and where do they go?'
"What happens to people when they die?
'What about your previous life? And will people be reborn again?
But without finding the answers to these questions, we grow up and forget why we asked them.
This film provides children, the viewers, with one answer.

The whole world outside of Japan

This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.
However, we respect the historical value of the works and the historical background of the time when they were published, and we decided not to change against any of them. Thank you for your understanding.

【Film Details】
TV showing period From 2004 4th October until 2005 28th March
Total Titles 26
Original work by Takashi Nakamura

Scenario Writer by Hideki Mitsui
Music by Koji Ueno
Character Design byTakashi Nakamura 
Art Director by Nizo Yamamoto
Chief Animation Director byMiyuki Nakamura
Storyboard byKatsumi Terahigashi、Hiroshi Fukutomi、Masaki Sugiyama etc
Direction by Hiro Kaburagi、Kenichi Nishida、Kenichi Shimizu、Yoshizo Tsuda
Animation Director by Koichi Maruyama、Tesuro Aoki、Hitoshi Haga、Yasuko Sakuma、Norihiro Naganuma etc
Cinematographer by Seiichi Morishita
Color Design by Mayumi Sato
Color Coordination by Yumi Asano
Music by Koji Ueno
Sound Director by Hiroyuki Hayase
Producer by Kenichi Sato
Movie Director by Takashi Nakamura

[Theme Song]
OP:「VOYAGE」 by Inori
ED: 「mizu no madoromi」 by ORIGA

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