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  1. There's a famous poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called, "The Arrow and the Song."
  2. And it begins, "I shot an arrow into the air. It fell to earth, I knew not where."
  3. Well, it's a very nice poem, but from a physics point of view it sort of defeat us.
  4. Using our new physics knowledge, I think we can make a slight revision to this poem.
  5. If I were Longfellow's editor, I would suggest a slightly different second line.
  6. Maybe it fell to earth, I can predict exactly where by first calculating
  7. horizontal and vertical components of velocity and then utilizing the equations of motion.
  8. Okay, maybe his flow is a little better, but mine is better from a physics point of view.
  9. For this two dimensional motion problem, we're just going to start simply.
  10. Can you tell me for an initial velocity so the arrow was fired at 100 m/s at an angle of 30°
  11. to the ground, can you use your knowledge of trigonometry from unit one to tell me
  12. the x and y components of the initial velocity?