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  1. My name is Shinta Ratri
  2. I'm from Islamic Boarding
  3. for transgender
  4. the name is Al-Fatah
  5. I'm 56 years old
  6. and I'm from Yogyakarta
  7. Our activities are
  8. Uphold the right to worship
  9. For transgender friends
  10. And we struggle
  11. Conduct inclusion activities
  12. The aim is to expand acceptance
  13. Transgender in the society
  14. all this time
  15. two years ago
  16. we have received persecution
  17. From fundamentalist groups
  18. which is
  19. Forced closure
  20. To our boarding
  21. 4 months later we struggled
  22. And dare to rebuild
  23. Even though transgender are also human
  24. Who has the right to worship
  25. We then network with KBB
  26. It's Victims of Religious Freedom
  27. Consist of
  28. Minority groups
  29. From Ahmadiyah, Shia, Christian, Catholic
  30. Buddhists, Hindus and Devotees (Penghayat)
  31. Which one is each of them
  32. Have received the same treatment
  33. Like us
  34. That is a violation of rights
  35. To do worship
  36. Which is religious freedom
  37. So..
  38. That is the function
  39. Minority groups are indeed
  40. Need to unite
  41. To conduct joint advocacy
  42. Against human rights violations
  43. What we receive as a minority
  44. My hope is the government
  45. To take firm action
  46. This means that it does not do omission
  47. To those groups
  48. Which is the occurrence of intolerance
  49. Then it became increasingly widespread
  50. in Yogyakarta
  51. Thank you
  52. Wassalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi (and grace of God May the salvation)
  53. Wabarakatuh (and blessings be abundant to you)