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  1. The answer is it doesnt work very well. So the
  2. reason for this is that anyone observing these
  3. messages given that there is only a small
  4. set while you can compute this value given the
  5. public keys of C, B and A, you can compute the
  6. value of Xi for the three possible votes, match
  7. that up to the incoming votes, know exactly what
  8. they are so there is no anonymity for the voters,
  9. so either A or an eavesdropper could do this.
  10. The second choice is a little more ambiguous.
  11. See you could output any votes at once,
  12. there is nothing that verifies the votes that C
  13. outputs. But in this case because the encryption is
  14. broken, someone looking at that votes that come in
  15. knows what the votes are already and knows if C
  16. cheats but theres no point to the Mixnet if this is
  17. what we do. So we need to do something different;
  18. this by itself is not going to work. What we need
  19. to do is add some randomization to our encryption.