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  1. So the answer is we should use the "addpageto_index" procedure we just defined,
  2. and we should pass in the index.
  3. We should pass in the page, that's the URL that identifies the location,
  4. and we should pass in the content.
  5. And that's all we need.
  6. So we're done with our web crawler.
  7. From a seed, we can find a set of pages.
  8. Following that seed, following all the links that we find on the pages that we find starting from that seed,
  9. for each page, we're going to add the content that we find on that page to an index,
  10. and we're going to return that index.
  11. And we've already written a code that given the index, can do a lookup.
  12. So for any word we want to look up, we'll find the list of URLs for the pages that contain that word.