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  1. The last thing that I want to cover is
    that you make sure that you get feedback
  2. from users every step of the way.
  3. Feedback takes a lot of different forms,
    and you've already seen how
  4. you can conduct user research
    to inform your business idea.
  5. You might try incorporating
    a survey into your product.
  6. You could send these out each week or
    month to collect feedback, or
  7. you might even try and embed them
    in some way into your product.
  8. Social media is another great way to
    monitor early usage of your product, and
  9. have customers connect to your brand.
  10. App ratings, or user ratings, or website
    ratings, are another way to understand
  11. quantitatively, and qualitatively
    what users think of your product.
  12. One app, which is called Circa News
    provides the following guidance on
  13. ratings.
  14. First, they recommend that you
    just build a great product.
  15. If you don't build a great product,
  16. users aren't going to give you
    good ratings in the first place.
  17. Secondly, don't annoy the users.
  18. You should really only ask them to rate
    your product if they've had a good
  19. experience and they've used
    the product for a little bit.
  20. And finally, Circa News recommends
    that you ask nicely, and
  21. maybe even reward your users for
    rating the app.
  22. For more details about their advice,
    check out the article,
  23. which is linked in the instructor notes.
  24. Finally, you should make
    customer support everyone's job.
  25. You might have a dedicated email or
  26. chat service that lets users
    talk directly to employees.
  27. Former CCO, and co-founder of Kayak,
    Paul English, went so
  28. far as putting the very loud phone
    in the middle of the engineers.
  29. He reasoned that if the same
    calls kept coming in,
  30. then the team would work quickly
    to resolve the problems.
  31. This would likely resolve the same
    problems that other users were facing.
  32. No matter which strategy you use,
    you should think about
  33. when you'll intercept users and
    how you will respond to them.
  34. Your actions and
  35. improvements to your product can speak
    just as loudly as individual follow ups.
  36. But do remember that these
    experiences also contribute
  37. to the user's experience and
    their perception of the product.