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5 Reasons Your Vertical Jump Is Not Increasing (Simple Solution)


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4 Common Mistakes Vertical Jump Workout Programs Make That HURT Vertical Increases

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Increasing your vertical jump can be either a simple and efficient process, or be made to be long and drawn out with sparse results.

The key when it comes to dunking is having a process and following that process repeatedly.

You find what works and cut out what doesn't.

Having the ability to dunk now allows me to look back and see the mistakes that my beginner self made and you may potentially make on the road to training your vertical to jump higher.

So here are 3 Things that hurt my vertical jump increases when I first started:

1.) Training All Strength and Doing No Agility Workouts

This is probably the number 1 thing holding people's verticals back...indirectly... see, training for leg strength (lifting very heavy weights with low reps) is not bad in itself. You can jump very high doing so and many people do.

strength and agility for increasing vertical jump
These Will Make You Fly...
The only problem is that a high vertical leap is dependent on 2 things, not just one.

Strength is just as important as agility and agility is just as important as strength.

The two in combination make for a deadly combination that I promise you will double or triple your monthly vertical gains.

2.) Not Going 100% On Every Repetition (Rep) During Workouts

Vertical jumps are possibly the most explosive movement your body can do next to sprinting.

It's all about a lot of power in a very small amount of time all at once.

So your workout MUST reflect this explosive movement, otherwise what are your training for? Jump endurance? I don't think want to fly high for one jump to smash it down.

The stronger your legs are, the more explosive jumps they will last. So, knowing this, we can be confident that going 100% every rep will train both strength and endurance indirectly (but we really want the strong explosiveness).

The Jump Manual (the vertical program I did to dunk) focuses on this. Jacob Hiller the creator explicitly says, "If you aren't going 100% on the next rep don't do it, stop the set right there."

(If you want to see my full review of the Jump Manual you can find it by clicking here)

Make sure that every jump you do while training is as explosive as possible, no half-assing anything because it will build up over time and hurt your gains in the long term.

3.) Terrible Diet

Notice how I said "terrible" diet and not "bad diet". I'm not going to lie, I ate whatever came in front of my mouth while I did the Jump Manual and I still gained 15 inches on my vertical in 5 months.

I had a bad and unmanaged diet, but it wasn't terrible.

I personally don't understand diet freaks who count every calorie and watch what they eat like a hawk.

Yes, if you are a professional that is necessary, but if you are a regular dude like me all you want to do is just jump higher to smash down that dunk and knock your friends' socks I right? ;)

Anyway, this tip is simple: don't eat pizza every day, don't skip major meals like breakfast and post-workout meals, and get a lot of protein...ALOT OF PROTEIN.

Side note: I literally remember drinking half gallons of milk after workouts (before I learned what whey protein was). Long story short, I had many long, late-night, dates with the toilet...

Keeping it simple, don't be a diet freak. It does matter but only to a certain degree.

Focus on working your butt off in the gym and make your legs cry. I ate like a normal person and still had monster gains...

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