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  1. And this one is maybe a little bit tricky.
  2. You might have said other, but
  3. I would actually argue that this is a type of text.
  4. It's not words maybe in the most classic sense, but it's words of
  5. a very specialized vocabulary, where the vocabulary is email addresses.
  6. And so, text wrangling tools might be one of the more better ways to
  7. deal with email addresses.
  8. Great job. Now that we've gone through all these examples of types of data,
  9. hopefully you have a good sense for what might be some interesting features to
  10. look for and what type of data those features are.
  11. Now obviously, not everything we talked about here is something that's going to
  12. be available to us in the email corpus.
  13. For example, salary information is very,
  14. very interesting, but it's not going to show up in your email inbox.
  15. So now, let me tell you a little bit more about the data set that we've made
  16. because I haven't been totally honest so far.
  17. We do have a lot of emails, but
  18. there's some other very interesting stuff that we have available as well.