26/26 Let The New Life Begin - An Amazing life

26/26 Let The New Life Begin - An Amazing life

I am very excited to share this last video with you in the video series The Call of Jesus. We have now been looking at many different things from Jesus' words in Luke chapter 10.

I want to remind you again that it's not the ones who HEAR these things who see amazing transformation. It's also not the ones who only BELIEVE it.

It's those who ACT ON IT. It's those who take Jesus' words and actually STEP OUT and LIVE IT OUT.

In this last video I just want to encourage you and give you a recap of all we've been looking at until now. I want to encourage you to LIVE THIS LIFE... DO IT! You are not alone in it! We are here to help you!

Please see this video... Contact us... Let's see a reformation of the church where we ALL come back to the call Jesus has given us!

God bless you all out there!

Here in this link you can see the playlist where you can now find all 26 videos of this series including the intro:

Please share it with the people around you...

Big blessings!

Torben Søndergaard

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If you don’t have any money for the book then send us an email and we can help with a code. This is for everyone, even those who don’t have the money!

Please share this video! Share the news and let’s see a revival like never before!

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