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A Greek Secondary-Education-Physics' Teacher. Obtained a PhD from the Department of Primary Education, University of Athens.
Area: Teaching about Ecosystems as Complex Systems (mainly) with NetLogo.
Together with his Professor Constantine Skordoulis, and with his friends: Anthimos Chalkidis, Artemisia Stoumpa, Zafar Iqbal, Kostas Karamanos and Maria Papaconstantinou, they are trying to find ways to teach about Complex Systems and Complexity in Nature. Especially they focus on: Primary and Secondary School students, future teachers and Science teachers, as well as Tertiary Education Students of the "soft sciences". In other words, they focus on persons with a not so "heavy" Mathematics' and Physics' background and orientation.
He lives happily in Athens, Greece, with his wife Machi (English Language teacher) and his three kids: Katia, Sotiris and Spyros!!

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