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On Thursday morning, Eric lay in bed with Traci. They had both made their morning trips to the bathroom and as always, Traci douched her ass as she did every day. They were both naked and Eric was rubbing and gently squeezing her lovely buttocks. Traci lay on her belly with her face turned toward him. She smiled and spoke softly. "You really like my ass, don't you?" "I love your ass. It is beautiful." "Are you up for giving me a massage this morning?" "Of course." "Get the massage oil. It's in the bathroom." Eric got out of bed with his erect cock standing out from his body. He retrieved the fragrant massage oil from the bathroom and returned to bed. He straddled Traci's thighs and his big dick rested on her curvy buttocks. He liked massaging her body and although he was anxious to get to her ass, he took his time giving her a complete massage. He began with her neck and shoulders, then moved to her arms and lower back. Moving off her, he massaged the calves and back of her thighs. His hands worked the inner thighs and he grazed her perineum which was hard from her erection. Staring at her glorious derriere, he dribbled oil on each cheek and then began the erotic massage. He spent several minutes rubbing and squeezing the sensuous buttocks. Next he pulled them apart slightly exposing the rubbery ring. He slid his hand between the cheeks letting the side his hand glide over her anus. Traci was cooing and her own erection pressed into the bed sheet oozing pre-cum. Eric used the tip of his index finger to probe her and flick it over the sensitive pucker. His index finger slid all the way in and she raised her ass to receive it. He fingerfucked her for several minutes before adding his middle finger and more oil. Soon he had both fingers gliding with ease and she was cooing with each gentle thrust. Unable to contain himself any longer, he knelt between her legs and guided his throbbing cock into her ass. Traci moaned as the thick shaft entered her passage and filled her rectum. Eric was always gentle and she loved the way he fucked her. His hands were on either side of her keeping his upper body weight off her smaller frame. Once he was moving easily in her she pushed her bottom up to meet each thrust. They always got a good rhythm going and savored every second of the anal sex. The massage foreplay had them both charged beforehand and they were both ready to cum. Traci felt the wetness of her discharge between the bed sheet and her abdomen. Eric could feel the beginning of his release as his toes curled and loins tingled. Then the forceful surge rocketed through his stiff dick into the marvelous ass. Traci groaned again when the warm syrupy liquid filled her rectum. Eric held his cock in her as deep as he could as he spewed a huge load into her bowels. He dropped to his elbows, still keeping his weight off her and slipped his hands underneath to grasped her titties. They hugged and remained still for several minutes with Eric fondling her cute breasts. Gently he rolled to his side taking her with him and keeping his cock in her ass. There they rested for a while before either of them said a word. He moved her silky hair aside and kissed her neck. It was the first time he had ever done that and it was a true sign of affection. Traci shivered slightly when she felt his lips on her. She then spoke. "I know that you could fuck me again now but I want to wait until tonight. Let's get cleaned up and go to the Wharf for a late breakfast." "That French bakery place, I love that." "Yeah, I do too and it's not crowded during the week. We can hang out and enjoy some lattes." Eric eased his cock out of the shapely bottom and saw his seed trickle out. He quickly got a tissue from the nightstand to give to Traci. She trapped most of the semen and rushed to the bathroom to expunge the rest. They showered together and he played with her titties but not for too long. Then they dressed and headed for the Wharf. At the French bakery they had fruit juice, crepes and lattes. They ordered a second latte and enjoyed sitting outside as it was a lovely day. "When do you have to report to the studio?" "I begin filming on Monday but they want me to stop by on Saturday to pick up a script." "Does the movie have a title?" "Yeah, it's called The Fitting Room. I work as a salesman in a clothing store. These guys come in to shop and end up giving me blow jobs or I fuck them in the fitting room." "Sounds interesting. Is it just you and the other gay guys?" "I don't know for sure yet but I think that there are a couple of threesomes too." "Oh, before I forget, Paula is going to hang out with us on Sunday. I thought that we would go back to Marin County and have lunch in Tiburon. We'll take the ferry over this time." "That sounds like fun. What else would you like to do today?" "Let's walk around Chinatown and later we can pick up some takeout." They finished their lattes. Rode the cable car and walked around Chinatown. They didn't buy anything but the liked looking in the store windows. Eric was impressed with the art and the carvings. Late that afternoon, they picked up the food and headed back to the apartment. Eric loved being with Traci and they behaved just like any couple. She really looked like a pretty woman. That evening after dinner they sat in the small living room listening to music and sipping wine. Eventually, like she had done before, Traci curled up on the sofa with her head in Eric's lap. It wasn't long after that when she began playing with his stiff dick. They headed for the bedroom and shed their tees and shorts quickly. Traci got in bed on her back and tossed the lube to Eric. "Fuck me like a woman tonight." She raised her knees toward her shoulders exposing her treasure. Eric quickly lubed her anus and his cock. He knelt between her legs and eased his impressive cock into her receptive ass. She groaned as it filled her and then he moved slowly. It was their first time in a missionary position and Eric found that he was okay with it. He didn't mind seeing her erection and taut ball sac as he fucked. His hands moved to her titties and he fondled them and tweaked the hard nipples. Traci was throwing her hips at him much like a woman would and her cock slapped around on her pubes. Eric felt the arrival of his ejaculation and he pushed his cock in all the way. Traci reached up and pulled him to her and he could feel the small firm breasts against his chest. Then he felt her cock throb and shoot between them. They remained still for about five minutes before separating. Traci rolled to her side and Eric moved in beind her. She didn't worry about the semen as she knew he would be fucking her again in the spoon position. That's exactly what he did playing with her lovely titties all the while. After they both came for a third time that day, they remained in bed and dozed off. Traci wasn't worried about cleaning up that night, she would do that in the morning. FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY On Friday morning, Eric was up early and went to the fitness center. When he returned to the apartment, he and Traci had morning sex. Later they cleaned up their bodies and did laundry. They had leftover Chinese for lunch. Traci had to work that evening so Eric watched a porn movie entitled Harem. He had previously picked it up at the studio. The movie featured this very pretty French young gay in Algiers. He was walking the streets of the marketplace looking at all the garments and items for sale. At one place he went inside to look at some clothes and a large Arab man pulled him in the back room. The French guy was bent over some crates and his pants were pulled down baring a very nice-looking ass. The Arab dropped his baggy pants and exposed a big hard cock. Without hesitation, the large cock was thrust into the shapely ass. When the Arab came, he pulled out and shot a huge load onto the Frenchman's buttocks and anus. The pretty gay stroked his cock and he shot a massive load onto the floor. The Frenchman pulled up his pants and left the tent. Within minutes he was in a different tent on his knees sucking an impressive cock. Once again, he was fucked and this time a second man entered and fucked the Frenchman. The pretty gay stroked his cock and ejaculated another massive load. The movie went on and the young French gay was fucked by different guys five additional times. Each time the Frenchman masturbated and shot a huge load. Eric knew that the film had to have been shoot over a two-week period for the gay to have such massive ejaculations each time. The final scene was with the Frenchman having entered a gay harem. There he was fucked at both ends by four other Arab men. His face and ass were cum-drenched by the end of the movie. It was the first time he had seen a porn movie made in another country. This one came from France but was obviously filmed in Algiers. He then went to bed in his bedroom as he had to be at the studio in the morning and Traci would be sleeping in after working late. On Saturday, Eric went to the fitness center for a quick workout and then to the studio to pick up a script. They were filming when he got there and it was a bizarre shoot with four fit gay guys involved in a foursome. He didn't stay and watch the entire shoot as he was anxious to get back to Traci. When he arrived at the apartment, she was still in her bed. He took off his clothes and joined her. She snuggled up to him in the spoon position and reaching back she guided his cock into her ass. It was slow enjoyable love making as Eric hugged her and fondled her breasts. She moved his right hand down to her stiff pecker and he masturbated her until she ejaculated. Then he came and flooded her rectum. Later they got up, showered dressed and had pancakes even though it was noon time. They relaxed that afternoon listening to music and reading. They shared the newspaper and before Traci left for work, they had a light salad for dinner. After Traci left the apartment, Eric read the script for the upcoming shoot next week. He was to play a salesman working in a men's clothing store. All the customer would be gay actors who would suck Eric's cock or get fucked in the fitting room. The movie would be filmed over five days and Eric wasn't worried as he could cum three times a day and the first and second ejaculations were both voluminous. As he read the script the first scene was fairly routine. The customer would ask for help and then let his hand grope Eric's crotch. He would squat down and lower Eric's pants and underwear. He would suck Eric for a while and the stand up, turn around and drop his pants. Eric would then fuck the gay actor until he came on the buttocks and anus. He was then to push his cock back in the gay's ass. The second scene he was to catch two gay guys having sex in the fitting room and he was to fuck them both. The third scene he was to call another salesman into the fitting room and they would fuck the gay customer at both ends. Scenes four and five were similar to the first two scenes. Eric put the script down and got a drink. He nursed a beer and thought about his first bisexual / gay shoot. He hoped that the gay guys would be good looking and have nice asses. He would be working at least four hours each day which meant that he would earn at least $3,000 next week. Eric would buy Traci a special gift when he received his first pay check. Afterall, she was the one who got him into porn. Night school also began next week and he had classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. That worked out perfect as Traci worked those nights as well. Before going to bed, he watched another porn movie. This one he had seen before and he liked it as it featured the ladyboys. Later Eric slept in his own bedroom again as Traci would be exhausted from work. Saturday was always crazy at the club. SUNDAY Eric got up and went to the fitness club again. He liked working out there and he liked looking at some of the women in their tight spandex outfits. He wasn't handsome so most of them paid him no mind. That Sunday, however he got some looks as he had opted to wear very tights shorts under his warmups. So, when he shed his warmup pants his package was noticed. He got several looks from a couple of women that he guessed to be in their thirties. A couple of guys checked him out too but he was not interested. He had planted the seeds. When he returned to the apartment, Traci was up and dressed. Paula had arrived and she looked as lovely as ever. He quickly showered and dressed as they wanted to get to Tiburon for lunch. Eric loved being seen with Traci and Paula. They were both lovely and no one could tell they were lady boys. They wore shorts and halter tops showing off their flat bellies. They took the ferry across San Francisco Bay to Tiburon. It was Eric's first ferry ride and he loved the scenery from the bay. They arrived just before lunchtime and went to a restaurant that had a pier. They ate lunch outside, enjoying a sloe gin fizz first. It was a beautiful day and perfect for outside dining. On the trip back, the city of San Francisco looked very impressive from the bay. Once back at the apartment they were all anxious to have sex. They shed their clothes and got into Traci's bed. Traci and Paula sucked and fucked each other first as Eric looked on. Then the ladyboys turned their attention to Eric. He watched as the two delicate mouths moved up and down on the side of his shaft with their lips pressed together. He was really turned on and he knew that it would take everything he had to control an early ejaculation. Traci wrapped her hand around the base of Eric's cock. She held his balls and cock in one hand with his balls resting on her thumb. She held him snugly and as a result his ball sac was stretched tight. Traci then began to lick his tight ball sac and at the same time Paula lowered her mouth to engulf his cock. Eric wanted to reach down and grab both heads as they worked on his cock but he thought better of it. Instead he just watched as the two beauties worked over his cock as they took turns sucking it. Eric then felt his balls really tighten as his orgasm built in his loins. Traci seemed to sense his pending ejaculation and she covered his cock with her mouth. Eric groaned as he came and filled Traci's mouth with cum. Traci took the first two streams in her mouth and then she passed the cock to Paula so that she could receive the next burst of cum. Paula took a couple a shots and then passed it back to Traci. The two of them passed Eric's cock back and forth until he was drained of every drop of cum. Paula and Traci were extremely efficient as not a single drop of semen was missed. Eric just leaned back in the bed and groaned. They stayed at him and kept him hard. "Paula is ready for you now Eric, but take it easy with that ass buster of yours." Eric moved quickly behind Paula and lined up his cock with the taut rubbery ring. He pushed in and found the fit to be very snug but his cock steadily entered Paula's ass. Paula grunted as she felt the large cock make its way into her ass. She placed a hand on Eric's thigh as a reminder to go slow. "Oh Traci, he is so big but it feels so good!" Eric began to fuck Paula slowly and each time he moved forward his cock went a little deeper. Paula moaned and groaned each time the cock went deeper. Soon Eric had all of it buried in her ass. Eric loved the way Paula looked on all fours. She looked submissive and delicate as the big thick cock reamed her ass. He was close now and he knew that he was going to shoot an enormous load in her. Eric thrust all the way in and groaned out loud as he came in the marvelous ass. Jets of cum shot into Paula and quickly filled her rectum to overflowing. As Eric continued fucking her, cum ran out of her anus and down over her ball sac. Paula's sphincter was working furiously milking the spurting cock. Eric pulled his cock from her ass and watched as cum oozed out and ran down between her buttocks. Paula and Traci cuddled and kissed. Then Traci rotated her body and the two sucked each other's cock. Eric was still hard and he got behind Traci. Eric fucked Traci's ass while they sucked each other's cock. It took Eric longer to cum this time but when he did, he flooded Traci's ass just as he had with Paula. Traci and Paula stayed in the 69 position and continued to suck each other's cock until they both ejaculated. The three of them were sexually sated and drained. Eric eased his body out of bed, showered and then went to his bedroom. He would let the ladyboys sleep in tomorrow as he had to got to the studio. Eric had no trouble sleeping through the night and in the morning, he stopped at the diner and ate eggs for breakfast. He knew it would help rejuvenate him. MONDAY AT THE STUDIO Eric arrived at the studio and reviewed the script from the first scene. He met Gary the gay actor and he liked the way he looked. Gary was about 5'7" slender with straight blonde hair and a shapely ass. The director told Eric that it was a bareback scene and that Gary had already had an enema and his ass was clean. He reminded Eric to pull out each time for the cum shots. "If you guys need a break between ejaculations, let me know. Otherwise keep going if you can. Ready, roll, action." Gary walked into the store like set and looked at some clothes. He kept switching his weight from one leg to the other emphasizing his shapely ass. Then he walked into the mockup fitting room. A minute later he stuck his head out and asked for Eric's assistance. Eric entered the fitting room and saw that Gary was only wearing his jock-like underwear. The blonde's ass looked great peeking out between the straps. Gary started rubbing Eric's crotch. Eric got an erection and he let Gary rub it through his pants. Gary was masterful as he fondled Eric, slid the zipper down and his hand was in Eric's pants rubbing the cock through his briefs. When Gary reached for Eric's belt to unbuckle it, Eric and stopped him and acted his part. "We shouldn't do this in here." "Relax I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to make you feel good," Gary whispered. Eric let Gary unbuckle his belt, unfasten his pants and pull the pants down to his knees. Gary rubbed the erection through the briefs and acted impressed with Eric's cock. Eric sighed when his briefs were pulled down and his cock leaped out. Gary took a hold of it and whispered. "This is quite impressive." Gary stroked the thick sizeable cock pausing every so often to spit in his hand. Eric was really turned on by then and he was anxious to cum. When Gary squatted down and took the cock in his mouth, Eric let out a soft moan. He closed his eyes as Gary sucked his cock. It didn't take long for Eric to cum and he did remember the cum shot. Gary was caught off guard by the quick and voluminous ejaculation. He jerked Eric off as streams of semen shot out of the throbbing cock. Gary waited until the last rope left Eric's cock and then he took it back in his mouth. Gary drained the remaining semen from the large cock and continued sucking it keeping Eric hard. He played with Eric's testicles and rubbed the perineum. Eric knew that he could easily cum again without taking a break. Gary stood up and pushed his jock underwear to his knees. Eric saw Gary's erection and following the script he immediately told Gary that he was not going to reciprocate. Gary whispered. "I don't expect you to but I want you to fuck me. Eric watched as Gary took a tube out of his discarded pants and then used it to lubricate his anus. Gary fingered his ass with one and then two fingers. He had his fingers moving in and out easily when he spoke to Eric. "I'm ready for you Eric. I'm ready for you to put your big dick in me. Go slow and make me enjoy it."
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