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Theme Poem Project
Students Create a Poetry Booklet on a Favorite Topic or Subject Area

Students choose a theme, write seven poems and select one published poem on the theme. The poetry booklet needs to be decorated and bound with an attractive cover.
The theme poetry project shows student mastery of poetry techniques, as well as syllable count poetry and shape or concrete poetry. Students complete a poetry packet worksheet. On this worksheet, they answer questions about poetry techniques, rhyme poetry, syllable count poetry and shape or concrete poetry. In addition, students need to ask three people to comment on the complete poetry booklet.

Preparation for Project
Collect a variety of poetry books for writing help. These could include children's poetry books, such as A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein [Harper Collins Publishers] or Which Way to the Dragon by Sara Holbrook [Boyds Mill Press]. More mature poetry books such as Poetry U.S.A. edited by Paul Malloy [Scholastic] or The Best Poems Ever edited by Edric S. Mesmer [Scholastic] are also nice to have as examples.
Create a rubric for the themed poetry booklet. When students know how the booklet will be graded, the quality of the booklets will be higher. A rubric will guide students in completing the project.
Criteria for Rubric to Assess Poetry Booklets
Meet all requirements - eight poems on a theme, each poem on a separate page
Cover and Illustrations - include a cover, one poem per page, and each page decorated
Follow a clear theme - all poems are connected to the theme
Include comments page- five people comment on the poetry booklet
Include a poetry analysis- answer questions on the four types of poems
Teaching Poetry Basics
Teach poetic techniques -- simile, metaphor, personification, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, alliteration, etc.
Teach forms of poetry: shape and concrete poems, rhyming poems, syllable count poems, and poems that use poetry techniques.
Example Poetry Analysis Items
This analysis should be attached to the rubric. It shows that the students understand poetry basics.

Poetry Techniques

What is the title of the poem that uses two poetry techniques (metaphor, simile, personification, alliteration, assonance, consonance etc.)?
Describe the use of the poetry techniques.
Write down the lines from the poem that use the techniques.
Rhyme Poem

What is the title of the poem that uses rhyme?
Name the kind of rhyme (end rhyme or internal rhyme).
Describe the rhyme scheme or rhyme pattern of the poem.
Shape or Concrete Poem

What is the title of the poem that is a shape or concrete poem?
Name the type (acrostic, diamonte, shape poem, etc).
Describe how the poem fits the description of that type of poem.
Syllable Count Poem

What is the title of the poem that is a syllable count poem?
What specific type was used (haiku, tanka, cinquain, etc)?
Describe how the poem fits the description of that type of poem.
Miscellaneous Poems

What is the title of this poem?
How does it fit the theme?
What is the best part of this poem?
Reflection of Poetry Booklet

What was the best poem in this booklet? Why?
What was the weakest poem in this booklet? Why?
Comment Sheet Page

Describe a poem from the poem that was a favorite.
List the best line. Why did it stand out?
What could be improved or changed in this poetry booklet?
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