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I was born in Hanoi. It was in 1995, it may sound funny since it was the year of the pig, but still, quite a special year because in which, quite a lot of special events happening not only in my country but also in the world. Growing up, when I was around 2 or 3 years old, I caught a number of diseases, which made me very thin and my skin so pale. Then it was my Mom that took care of me all the time, making me grow bigger and bigger, time after time. And I was actually grow a little bit more than needed, haha. Anyway, I look quite fit now, I think. Later time was somehow quite a peaceful period of life for me since most of the time I spent only inside of Hanoi, went to normal schools, had normal schedules, etc. I have had a few crushes, and some friends around me actually had a crush on me as well; but it did not work out. I actually feel fine about it, maybe it was just not the right time. It was also the time when I realized I really love the English language, but at that time students at my age or even older did not have a lot of chances to communicate using that language, we could only focus on grammar, vocabulary, etc. Later, after I entered university, my life was actually has become more excited. I have chances to learn about my dream job. I have had opportunities to join voluntary clubs, organizations, have my first jobs, do something I have been really interested in for a long time. Thanks to them, I can meet a lot, a lot of people from around the world who came to visit Vietnam or to volunteer, communicate with people with difficuluties, but with great effort, I have learned a lot from the people I have chances to meet, and get inspired by them. Now, I think it is just the beginning of my journey. And I do hope that I can meet more people, be inspired by them, and maybe one day, I can be the one who inspire others.
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