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Hello, to everyone!

Besides being interested in becoming a Cosmonaut in my childhood, I studied for many years in the pre-MED, thinking to become a doctor, before he wrote my first financial model and became in love with the favorite economist saying, “let us assume.”

Over the past 20 years, I have brought the principles of biology and chemistry into all aspects of making data more efficient. By replicating and learning from nature-driven designs principles, I have enabled organizations to achieve data utilization breakthroughs.

I am also an avid reader of Science-Fiction and a resident of the northern Chicago suburbs.
I am a Practice HORA youth leader because I am young in the heart. I lead Practice HORA, regular mind/body exercise classes that can protect adults and youth from critical and immediate effects of “Rapid and Sometimes Unnatural” evolution.

I have teenager who is now taller than me and a spouse (a partner) who is way, way... smarter and more serious than me.

Education: BS in Economics and a Minor in Chemistry from the University of Houston and an MBA from Wake Forest University.
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