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With the background in Linguistics, I have been working in a variety of fields from logistics to marketing performing translations of marketing/promotional materials, websites, business documentation. Adding to my credentials a degree in Psychology, I am proud to be well-versed in terms and notions of this domain. Overall, the knowledge of psychology gives me a keen eye for feeling and emotions entailed in the text. Thus, I am focused on making a target text the same emotional content as a source one.
Recently, I have completed a creative translation for promotional purposes for high-profile client in hospitality and tourism sector. I had also experience of working with editorials containing a variety of translation challenges which I am proud to cope with. Having the experience of an artistic translation, I am looking for creative projects which are more about transcreation rather than just a translation.
I am an avid reader and passionate about the word and its ability to create pictures within our mind and provoke emotions. Book translation is just that point of creativity and mastery I am craving for now!
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